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Step out in confidence and let your beautiful, hair-free body do the talking.

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Step out in confidence and let your beautiful, hair-free body do the talking

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Getting rid of unwanted hairs is much easier than you think. While you might be tempted to settle for that shaver, waxing is the far superior option because it keeps your skin looking smooth and hair-free for much longer.

Not Your Average Wax

Unlike shaving, which only lasts a few days, the entire root is removed after a good wax so it will take your hair about four to six weeks to grow back.

However, not all waxes are made equal – those of lower quality don’t offer a good grip on the hair, breaking the strands instead of pulling out the hair follicle completely. This will likely cause ingrown hair, which can be painful and unsightly.

The skill of the waxing therapist also plays a huge part in a good waxing experience, ensuring a hygienic and clean wax, with minimum discomfort and pain.

The Three X’s

Nip those straggly strands in the bud and get right to the root of the problem with quality wax products from WaxXXX (prounounced ‘Wax Triple X’). They offer XTRA strength for clean hair removal, an XTRA soft texture that’s super gentle on skin, and promise XTRA smooth skin after the waxing process. 

Formulated with the highest quality ingredients sourced from Europe, WaxXXX products offer a strong grip that is firm yet gentle on the skin. Made from rosin, the wax glides evenly onto each strand and secures them tightly, so you can count on a clean lift for swift and efficient hair removal.

WaxXXX products also contain lanolin, which protects and calms the skin after lifting off the unwanted hairs. In the process, the wax also exfoliates and takes off dead skin cells while moisturising at the same time, so your skin remains smooth and supple.

Different Strokes For Different Folks

WaxXXX’s Wax Bead range offers a variety of formulas to suit different hair lengths and types, and can be applied on all body parts. The Perfect Pink works on short coarse hair, while Perfect Blue works on longer coarse strands. Those who wax regularly will enjoy Perfect Scent, while Riz Wax is great for sensitive skin with fine long hair. For a quicker wax, Speedwax is laced with salicylic acid to ease pain, reduce inflammation and prevent breakouts post-waxing.

Spending a little extra time for longerlasting results is worth it. Say goodbye to unwanted nicks and cuts caused by shaving, and usher in an era of gorgeous hair-free beauty with WaxXXX. With their high quality waxes, you can get the deed done efficiently and with finesse, while leaving your skin looking smooth, beautiful and pristine.

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