These three men are living proof that, yes, there are still eligible men out there!

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These three men are living proof that, yes, there are still eligible men out there!

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Most Eligible Bachelor: Amos Ngeow 25, Self-employed

It’s not a hyperbole when we say that Amos lights up every room he walks into. The strapping 25-year-old grabs the attention of the crowd, whether he wants it or not. At 1.83m, he could play a Marvel superhero (with the biceps and abs to boot), and has a boyish face and cheeky demeanour that will win anyone over in an instant. Yes, even your super critical Asian mum. 

But the real reason why the entire world seems to be in love with Amos isn’t just because of his good looks. Ask anyone who knows him and they’ll tell you that Amos’ biggest draw is his good-natured personality and killer sense of humour. He’s already known as the class clown among this year’s crop of CLEO Bachelors – something that seems to be a recurring theme with him. 

“Yeah, I’m always the joker in the group. I find that it really helps to break the ice and brings everyone together,” Amos confesses during our photoshoot at Oakwood Studios, the morning after he was crowned CLEO’s Most Eligible Bachelor of 2017. “But it depends on the scenario. If there’s already someone in the group who’s like that, I’ll take a backseat. I don’t need the limelight.” 

Amos has lofty ambitions. Like a typical millennial, he's a multi-hyphenate. Besides running Prestige Wear, which does bespoke suits and shirts for men, Amos is also a freelance host and events model, with hopes of establishing himself in the media industry one day. Oh, and he’s also currently taking up studies in real estate too.

“After I came out of the army, I realised that I wanted to be in showbiz. Given my outgoing personality and the fact that I love to make people laugh, I feel it’s something that really suits me,” Amos says. When asked why he hustles so hard, the youngest of three sons simply replied it’s because he wants his parents to retire comfortably. Awwww. 

Since he runs a business, we asked him if we could label him an entrepreneur for this write-up. “Entrepreneur? No, lah. I wouldn’t call myself an entrepreneur until I have a business that is earning millions,” he replies modestly. Yet another reason to love this quintessential Singaporeanboy-next-door!

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3 reasons why we fell in love with Amos

1) Amos is always the first to lend a helping hand, especially when heavy lifting is involved. We also really appreciate the concern he’s shown for the team throughout the entirety of this event – from a simple “Hey, are you OK?” to “Eh, are you looking to date anyone? I have friends to introduce LOL”, this man knows exactly just what to say when you’re feeling down, and he says it with such sincerity too. 

2) Those body waves that you saw during the striptease performance at the Finals Party? Amos put in hours and hours of practice to perfect them – in both Slap Dance Studio’s practice space and the privacy of his own home. 

3) He is a family man. He confessed that he wants to have his first kid “when I’m 31 at the latest”. He hopes to have “two to three” children, and “at least one son and one daughter”. 

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Leon Markcus 21, Musician

Although he had a rehearsal after the Finals Party that lasted till 4am, Leon was fresh as a daisy during the photoshoot the morning after. The budding musician was warm and upbeat, and there were nary any eyebags or blemishes on his face. Our Freshest Face Bachelor definitely knows how to live up to his title. 

“When my friends realised I had won, they texted me to say they were ‘shook’,” he says. “I’m an awkward person and don’t talk much, so everyone was pretty surprised but also proud of me.” His secret to staying fresh-faced? Eating healthy. Leon has been a vegetarian for the past two years and also stays away from fried foods. He actually took to the diet because he wanted to help an ex stick to hers, but subsequently decided to maintain it. 

Leon also credits good sleep and exercise for this big physical change. He works out at least three times a week and, aside from running, also keeps fit by climbing stairs with weights. 

If you’re wondering, this Bachelor is totally available. He also considers himself a hopeless romantic, so get in line already.

Things to know about Leon

1) He’s the kind of guy that’ll make you feel special. “I’m never shy when it comes to expressing how I feel to the person I love,” he says.
2) The ex-swimmer had Olympic dreams but gave them up after sustaining injuries. He then fell in love with music.
3) Leon is in the army now and hopes to either study mass communications or psychology after. He has dreams of starting a mental illness foundation someday. 

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Talk of the Town Kishan.J24, Actor

During the Finals Party, Kishan was jokingly asked if he’d brought his CPF statement (to prove his eligibility). This was his reply: “I brought a longer investment which you can take out now instead of waiting till you’re 65.” 

You’ve got to admit that was a good one. Though, seeing that this funnyman has been making a name for himself with his comedic timing on Channel 5, Toggle and YouTube, his brilliant comeback wasn't that surprising. But Kishan isn’t always the high-energy, chatty person he can seem on the outside. In fact, he was pretty pensive and serious during this interview. 

“The humour and huge personality is just one side of me. I enjoy silence. There are days that I just want to be left alone,” he says. “I used to always be the centre of attention but that led to problems, so I learnt to feed off people’s energy.” 

Here’s something else that Kishan is – ambitious. He always knew he wanted to be an actor and took all the necessary steps to pave that path – like calling up a production house at the age of 15 and asking to intern for them. He started his career serving coffee to celebrities, but slowly rose up the ranks and, since last year, has been showcasing his acting chops. 

There's something about Kishan

1) His title win is pretty fitting. “I’d literally stand in the middle of town and hold a rally speech just for the fun of it. My personality is really strong.”
2) He loves music from across the globe. “I may not understand French, Italian or Mandarin, but music is music.”
3) The sort of boyfriend he’ll be? “Easygoing and charming. And I’ll be there. I’ll be present.”

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