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How do I cover the little bumps on my face...

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How do I cover the little bumps on my face? - Trinity Liang, 21 

Gently dab a foundation like Gold Collagen Ampoule Foundation over the bumps with a sponge. The soft and smooth texture will adhere to the bumpy skin perfectly, leaving a smooth and even appearance. 

Are white and blackheads the same? How do I remove them? - Janet Ong, 22 

While they may look different, there aren’t too many major differences between them. Using a deep cleansing mask or specialised pore care product on a regular basis can help decrease the chances of blackheads and whiteheads forming on your face. 

How can I create an eye look using one eyeshadow colour? - Tammi Chris Loi, 23 

With the warmth of your finger, blend eyeshadow lightly all over the entire eyelid. Then dab over the eye contour area with more shadow to build intensity and depth. 

Can I achieve radiant skin without using makeup? - Karine Mok, 25 

Yes, you can! Follow a brightening skincare regime that includes a brightening moisturiser that also delivers anti-ageing care and oil control. 

How can I calm skin redness, especially after cleansing? - Cindy Tan Li Leng, 24 

I would recommend a soothing, hydrating mist to calm redness and sensitivity like The Therapy Airbrush Essential Mist. Since it’s a spray, you won’t have to use your fingers, which may contain dirt that can aggravate the skin. 

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