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With its Rapid Heat Control technology, this all-rounder fry pan by WMF takes you from high-heat searing to gentle braising in a flash.

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With its Rapid Heat Control technology, this all-rounder fry pan by WMF takes you from high-heat searing to gentle braising in a flash.

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Just as we love a super responsive car, imagine a responsive frying pan. One that heats up fast to sear when you want it, and then cools down for a gentle fry when you turn down the fire. That’s how intelligent WMF has designed the new Speed Profifrying pan to be. Made in Germany, the pan features a superior Rapid Heat Control technology to allow its base to detect and react immediately when the cooking temperature is reduced. The flatness of the base is designed to ensure even distribution of oil and heat for consistent cooking, with a patented non-stick coating plus a sturdy, lightweight construction for effortless cooking.

Speaking about succulent, the Speed Profiis THE pan for those who enjoy a chef-standard steak. You want that nice sear on the outside, but you can’t afford to leave it on the heat for too long or it’ll be overcooked. To achieve this, you need a pan that can go up to 300 C (most non-stick fry pans can only withstand 260 C). And if you’re cooking your vegetables in the pan juices, bring down the heat and the all-rounder fry pan will quickly react to the change in temperature, so your greens can cook gently without risk of being burnt.

With its non-stick coating, the fry pan is easy to clean, and it can be used on flame or induction stoves. Plus, smart German design ensures an ergonomically - designed plastic handle with flame protection. The Speed Proficomes in two sizes, 24 cm ($199) and 28 cm ($239), and is available at leading department stores.


Here’s what to look out for when buying one.

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CHECK THE BASE A good frying pan base distributes heat quickly and evenly, and should also be able to store the heat. The WMF Speed Profi(left) works in a different way; with its Rapid Heat Control technology, instead of storing heat, it responds to temperature changes fast, making it perfect for frying meat or gently braising vegetables.

HOLD THE HANDLE Test it out. Does it feel comfortable in your hand? Is it too heavy for you?

It’s important for a handle to be ergonomically designed, as it makes the pan easier to use.

NOTE THE HOB TYPE If you’re using an induction stove, make sure to pick up the right pan. Most WMF pans, including the Speed Profi, are suitable for all types of hobs.

TRY FOR SIZE Cooking a sunny side up egg or a beef stir-fry for family dinner? What you’re using the pan for, as well as the number of people you’re cooking for, will help you decide.

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