No bar counter at home? Create one! Simply get a cute retro drinks trolley and have these essentials ready for an afterhours soiree.

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No bar counter at home? Create one! Simply get a cute retro drinks trolley and have these essentials ready for an afterhours soiree.

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SPIRITS The basics, including gin, tequila, rum, bourbon, scotch and vodka.

MIXERS Bitters, sweet and dry vermouths, fresh fruit (don’t waste money on fruit liqueurs), ginger ale, soda and tonic waters.

TOOLS A cocktail shaker, strainer, mixing spoon for stirring and measuring, and a jigger to pour your shots.


GOBLETS Cut down on glassware by choosing a style suitable for cocktails like Pimm’s as well as red and white wines.

TUMBLERS Short glasses are a must for gin & tonics and anything neat, while highballs are essential for mojitos or anything with juice.

MARTINI GLASSES These keep warm hands at bay. Use for margaritas and espresso martinis.

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Leave It To The Experts

Planning a birthday bash, a housewarming or a family gathering? Leave the food to catering experts Neo Garden Catering for a fuss-free party. Enjoy up to 50 per cent off buffet orders and be treated to a wide variety of dishes – from local delights like Signature Curry Chicken to western desserts – or opt for themed mini party sets that can feed 10. Bonus: Order now and stand a chance to win a Mercedes-Benz in their Neo Unbelievable Draw! Visit or call 6896 7757 for more information.

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Food Safety First

If you’ve been using the same kitchen scissors to cut both raw and cooked foods – STOP! This can cause food poisoning through bacteria cross contamination. The solution is to use dedicated tools for each, and 3M Scotch Titanium Kitchen Scissors makes it easy by providing colour-coding – red for raw foods and purple for cooked foods. At $22.90 each, from leading retailers.

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To stop whipped cream melting straight into your hot chocolate, place a squeeze or a dollop on a baking tray and freeze it first.

3 New Foods This Month

Yummy made-in- Singapore foods you must try!

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Get Saucy

Created in Singapore more than 10 years ago, the iconic McDonald’s Curry Sauce is now available in a 375 ml bottle! At $4.50 with any Extra Value Meal, while stocks last, from McDonald’s restaurants.

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Choc Pleasure

Singapore-born chocolate specialist Chocolate Origin has created their first Dark Chocolate Gelato and it is so rich and decadent! At $4.50 per scoop and $12.50 for a pint, from Chocolate Origin outlets.

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Good To The Last Slurp

Craving for a bowl of laksa or curry mee? Thanks to Kang Kang’s Express Meal Kits with fresh noodles and specially created seasonings, you now can whip up a bowl at home. At $2.95 each, from selected supermarkets.