Delish Asian Noodles

Try these two simple but yummy noodle dishes the whole family will love.

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Try these two simple but yummy noodle dishes the whole family will love.

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Serves 4


3 tbsps dried shrimps, rinsed and dried 100 ml tamarind water (strained from blending 2 tbsps tamarind pulp with ½ cup water) 8 tbsps palm sugar (made into simple syrup) 6 tbsps Thai fish sauce.


200 g Philips fresh egg noodles 4 tbsps corn oil 4 eggs, lightly beaten 240 g tau kwa (firm beancurd), cut thinly into 2 cm strips 2 tbsps salted radish, soaked in water 10 mins, drained 240 g bean sprouts, washed 16 medium prawns, shelled and deveined 240 g garlic chives, cut into 2 cm lengths 8 tbsps unsalted roasted peanuts, coarsely chopped.


Lime wedges, to taste Toasted chilli powder, to taste.

1. In a pot of boiling water, cook Philips fresh egg noodles, 7 mins. Drain well. Set aside.

2. DRIED SHRIMPS AND SAUCE In a non-stick pan on medium heat, dry fry pre-soaked dried shrimps. Stir well for 3 mins. Cook till shrimps are crispy. Set aside. In a small bowl, combine tamarind water, palm sugar syrup and fish sauce. Stir well and set aside.

3. In a non-stick pan, heat oil and pour in eggs to one side of the pan. On the side, stir- fry beancurd, radish and shrimps for 1 min.

4. When edges of eggs are slightly golden brown, flip cooked eggs over and break into large pieces. Mix well.

5. Add in cooked noodles and prawns. Stir- fry for about 1 min until prawns are cooked.

6. Add in bean sprouts and stir in tamarind mixture until absorbed into the noodles. 7. Mix in garlic chives and half of chopped peanuts before portioning onto plates.

8. Garnish with remaining chopped peanuts, along with a wedge of lime and some toasted chilli powder.

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Serves 4


(makes 12) 120 g minced pork / chicken 1 tsp oyster sauce ¼ tsp dark soy sauce ½ tsp light soy sauce ½ tsp ground white pepper ½ tbsp corn starch 12 fresh wanton sheets 1 egg, lightly beaten (as egg wash).


6 dried Chinese shiitake mushrooms, stems removed (soaked in warm water for 1 hour until softened) ½ tbsp corn oil 2 cloves garlic, lightly crushed 1½ cups water 1½ tbsps oyster sauce 2 tsps light soy sauce 1 tsp chicken seasoning powder 2 tbsps corn starch (made into a slurry with 2 tsps water).


(mix together and set aside) ½ tbsp thick dark soy sauce 2 tsps corn oil 1½ tsps sesame oil 1 tsp sugar.


200 g Philips fresh spinach noodles 300 g chye sim, cut into 3-cm lengths and blanched.

1. DUMPLINGS Mix minced pork / chicken, sauces, white pepper and corn starch. Set aside. Separate wanton sheets and place ½ tsp of seasoned pork in centre of each sheet. Wet edges of sheets with egg wash. Fold in half, press down edges to seal.

2. Bring a small pot of water to boil and cook wrapped wantons for 3 mins. Drain and set aside.

3. MUSHROOM SAUCE Squeeze out excess water from soaked mushrooms, slice thinly and set aside. Reserve soaking liquid.

4. Heat a non-stick pan with corn oil on medium heat. Fry garlic and soaked mushrooms, 1 min. Add water, sauces and seasoning powder. Bring to boil, 3 mins, before reducing heat to low. Cover and simmer for 15 mins. Stir in corn starch slurry until sauce thickens slightly. Set aside.

5. In a separate bowl, add cooked mushrooms sauce and seasoning sauce. Mix well and portion into four serving bowls.

6. In a pot of boiling water, cook Philips fresh spinach noodles, 6 mins. Drain well and portion over the sauce in each bowl. Toss noodles thoroughly in the sauce.

7. Serve each portion of noodles with chye sim and wantons on top.