While “cleanliness is next to godliness” might be hyperbole, a neat kitchen is essential to cooking well. Here’s a pick of gadgets that will help you prepare your most lavish dinner parties of 2020.

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While a juicy, properly-seared steak at home sounds amazing, the clean-up is anything but. Bora Basic’s cooktop and downdraft hood eliminates a large part of cleaning up by creating a partial vacuum that effectively directs grease and odours into an extraction system. Combine that with an incredibly quiet fan and the mess and bustle associated with kitchen work becomes a thing of yesterday. 

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Turn any outdoor occasion into a full-blown culinary affair with the Foster Finalmente outdoor kitchen. Made with corrosion-resistant stainless steel, this kitchen-on-wheels brings the convenience of a home kitchen to your pool or garden party – complete with cooktop, sink, refrigerator, and more-than-ample storage space. The best part? The entire thing easily folds up into a neat unit for easy transportation and storage. 

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Sometimes, luxury is something you never knew you wanted – but eventually cannot live without. Enter the vacuum sealer, which removes the air and seals food in a bag. This means storing food for longer periods of time, easy sous vide cooking, and speedier marination. Kupperbusch’s built-in, compact version fi ts into a kitchen drawer and comes with easy-to-use electronic controls. 

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From Italian kitchen appliance brand Barazza comes a series of Lab Covers – minimalist cooktops with stainless steel covers that make the system flush with any surface. This essentially transforms your entire workstation into a flat surface that’s perfect for the multitudes of dishes for your next dinner party.

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