Crazy for chocolate

Philippe Daue, chef chocolatier of Godiva, Pacific Rim and China, shares some new insights on everyone’s favourite candy.

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Philippe Daue, chef chocolatier of Godiva, Pacific Rim and China, shares some new insights on everyone’s favourite candy.

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Chocolate – the new coffee?

“There’s now a lot of focus and interest on the origins of chocolate and its ingredients, [as well as] the manufacturing process, like with coffee and wine,” says Philippe. Expect your favourite chocolatiers – from smallbatch local artisans to big players such as Godiva – to put a lot more emphasis on provenance. Could the interest in chocolate be going the way of the third-wave coffee movement in Singapore? Only time will tell.

Good news if you like the basics!

Don’t care for gimmicky flavour combos that always sound better in theory than they taste in reality? You’re in luck. As Philippe puts it, “there’s been a shift back to basics – fewer experiments, more classic, tried-and-tested flavour and texture combos. Fruits are making a resurgence because they always pair well with chocolate, and flowers are becoming more popular for their aromas and roles in flavouring chocolate.”

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Yes, you should eat chocolate.

“Dark chocolate is better than white,” says Philippe, who adds that dark chocolate with 72 to 75 per cent cocoa solids is very healthy and easier to eat than dark chocolate with 85 per cent cocoa solids.

It’s good for physical and mental health.

Philippe shares: “Studies have shown that eating dark chocolate before physical activity can lead to increased performance, and eating some after can help reduce recovery time. Other studies have found that chocolate can help boost concentration and memory. Parents often ban chocolate at home, but personally, I encourage my children to have some dark chocolate every day!”


...with these new treats, created by Godiva to celebrate its 90th anniversary.

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Godiva Chocolate Soft Serve, $9.

Godiva’s soft serve is a luxurious upgrade from your run-of-the-mill versions, and is smooth and creamy, and served in a cone dusted with chocolate. While you’re at it, try the other new flavours – Strawberry White Chocolate and Strawberry Chocolate Twist – too.

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Godiva Chocolixir, $9.

The perfect antidote to our sweltering weather, this icy chocolate drink offers the decadent, fullbodied flavours of hot chocolate, but with none of the heat. There are six flavours for you to choose from, including intriguing ones such as Dark Mint Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Earl Grey.

Collection Anniversaire Chocolate Gift Box (above), $50 for a box of nine pieces.

This contains eight of the brand’s most iconic chocolates – including one specially created for the 1939 movie Gone with the Wind – alongside one new creation. Expect flavour combos such as raspberry ganache, hazelnut praline and puffed rice, and coffee ganache.