Birds of a Feather’s Salmon Two Ways

Two vastly different ways, served together.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel
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Two vastly different ways, served together. The first, a salmon tartare. An astute mix of raw salmon, diced apples and apple granita (flavoured crushed ice) is a refreshing change from the usual poke bowl, with umami from the chopped konbu (Japanese kelp), ikura (salmon roe) and crispy shallots. The finishing touch, a drizzle of Sichuan peppercorn oil, introduces influences from Chengdu, China, where the owners are from. The second salmon component: tender slices of house-cured gravlax, with a gentle brininess. The flavour is rounded off with smoky notes of roasted bell pepper coulis and petals of sweet lychee. Another surprise: the purple sweet potatoes – thick-cut, crusty on the outside, and fluffy within. 

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