Best Water Bottle for the Gym

Bübi Bottle.

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Bübi Bottle.
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Make his workouts a breeze with Bübi Bottle, a multitasking water bottle that will keep him well-hydrated during gym sessions and beyond. Made with BPA- free silicone, the collapsible water bottle can easily fit into his pocket, and is designed for single-handed use so there won’t be any disruptions to his set as he re-hydrates. The best part? The bottle doubles as a hot or cold compress – just fill it with water and stick it in the freezer or microwave oven. This feature will definitely come in useful for gym rats! Oh, and we hear the people in Japan use it as a waterproof cover for their mobile phones during the rainy season. Seriously, the possibilities are so endless – you might just end up getting one for yourself too!

Bübi Bottle, $31.90 (14oz) and $39.90 (22oz). Available at select stores. For more information, visit or call 6737 6376.

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“This bottle is perfect for the gym. I’ve been able to mix up my protein shakes in the bottle and they come out excellent, with no lumps. It can be cleaned out easily since I can easily flip it inside out and wash it by hand. If I get an injury or sore muscles, I can even use it as an ice pad or warming pad!”

Jason Madaus, 36

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Bübi Sports Cap Set

Ain’t nobody got time to sip from the bottle when you’re busy bench pressing! Switch to Bübi Sports Cap at the gym. It acts like a straw but better, since he can control the flow of the water with his bite. If your man is into fitness, he’ll definitely appreciate being able to stay hydrated easily and without fuss.

Bübi Sports Cap Set, $9.90.

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