For over 50 years, Mount Alvernia Hospital has supported mums through pregnancy, labour and postnatal care.

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For over 50 years, Mount Alvernia Hospital has supported mums through pregnancy, labour and postnatal care.

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Next to choosing a good doctor, planning where you want to give birth is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. After all, you want a place where you will have a safe and positive childbirth experience, with a high quality of care and a holistic support structure that extends beyond maternity care.

Whether this is your first child or a new addition, Mount Alvernia Hospital understands that childbirth is a special experience. For over 50 years, its team of midwives, nurses and lactation consultants have offered personalised care and support – before, during and after the birthing process.

FACILITIES FOR A STRESS-FREE DELIVERY Your comfort, safety and wellbeing – and those of your baby – are of utmost importance to the staff at Mount Alvernia Hospital.

More than 5,000 babies are taken care of by the hospital’s midwifery team each year. There are 11 singlebedded delivery rooms, each equipped with a foetal monitoring and baby resuscitation system that detects foetal movements. Mums-to-be are also closely monitored at all times, so they can receive the best care.

Anaesthetic specialists are on hand if you need an epidural during labour, and the hospital’s team of caring and efficient midwives will support you throughout your delivery.

ENJOY TOP-NOTCH CARE, POST-DELIVERY The personalised care and attention do not stop in the delivery room.

The Alvernia Parentcraft Centre is a one-stop centre for all your childbirth preparation and infant care needs. Its childbirth education classes are helmed by experts from the Nutrition and Dietetics, Rehabilitation and Parentcraft departments; working together to serve all with love and give new parents a holistic grounding and experience in childbirth.

During your stay, lactation consultants from the Alvernia Parentcraft Centre will visit you to offer advice on breastfeeding and general infant care.

You are also invited to attend the breastfeeding and care-for-baby workshops during your stay to learn more. If you have queries after your discharge, outpatient consultation is available.

Register for a maternity tour at or book a parentcraft class at Alternatively, call 6347-6788 or e-mail