Mum’s The Word

We asked a group of mums what they would actually like to receive this Mother’s Day and the answers were nothing short of perfect

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Elizabeth Tan, Venture Partner (Impact), Quest Ventures

“For Mother’s Day, I would like to thank all the frontline health workers, doctors and volunteers for their efforts in fighting the virus and keeping our country safe and healthy; wishing them good health and spirits as they take care of us! Also, during these stressful times, I would love to complete a 50-hour yoga training course from my favourite studio, The Practice in Bali, which is now conducting their courses online.” 
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Germaine Chow, Co-founder, MooMoo Digital, 11 Hamilton Cafe and The I Quadrant (TIQ)

“As a mum, the best gift would be to see my children healthy and happy. I want them to be able to face the world fearlessly, learn as much as they can, dream big and do all things with their whole hearts and a lot of love.” 
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Valerie Chan, Author of Baby Food Kitchen

“I would like for this Covid-19 pandemic to blow over, so parents, children, and grandparents can worry less, and socialise more. All this social distancing, especially between young children and grandparents, come with opportunity costs.” 
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Yvon Bock, Founder and CEO, Hegen

“My helper Ani has been the shadow mummy to my four kids during all the times I’ve had to travel and be away from them. As her birthday is just days apart from Mother’s Day, I would love for my kids to make dinner for her, as our way of giving thanks for her unconditional love and support. Every mother deserves a little bit of pampering on this day, especially foreign domestic workers, who have sacrificed being away from their very own children to help look after others.”
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Ereen Toh, KISS92FM Producer

“What I really want for Mother’s Day would be to have my lovely four-yearold make me breakfast for the first time, complete with a big hug and ‘I love you!’” 
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Lara Rath, Co-founder, Secondsguru

“For Mother’s Day this year, I’d like the gift of time from Aadya, my daughter, who is 14 and Shlok, my son, who is 11. With this time, I would love for us to cook a three-course meal – an entree, a main course and a dessert – together as a family. Yes, we will include my husband too, he’s a great sous chef! Cooking is a fantastic bonding exercise for the whole family. Do try it this year, if you haven’t already.”
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Dr Ritu Jain Gaurav, Founder and Director, U2USystems

“Being a blessed mother on this Mother’s Day, I would like to tell my kids that life is precious, that they are always part of my prayers, that honesty, love and power of hard work never fails, that taking care of the people and planet is everyone’s responsibility, including yours. Lastly, I would like to tell them that there is a supreme power beyond our imagination, and they can tap into it by just being honest and compassionate.”
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Hui Nan Lim, Co-founder, Empire Eats Group

“My wish for Mother’s Day is good health for my loved ones during these Covid-19 days, and that people will consider going local with their purchases as their dollar could help sustain a local small business through these turbulent times. If this pandemic drags out, many local businesses (like ours) may not survive the protracted economic impact. Nothing brings me more joy than to bring good food and great experiences for our guests. Hopefully, with support from customers as we pivot quickly to online food deliveries, we will be able to survive this pandemic and its domino effects on the economy.”
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Seema Vasandani, Director and Founder, Excella Enterprise

“In these difficult and uncertain times, all I wish for would be the safety and health of my family. That is the most precious and greatest gift of all.” 
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Rithika Gupta, Founder, Ollie

“I’d love a beach vacation with the family! It’s my happy place, and my son loves the water too. I can’t wait for things to get better, so we can all get to our happy places.” 
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Shireen Ho, Product Development and Innovation Manager, SPH Media Solutions Division

“All mums wish for their children to grow up healthy, and I feel the same, especially during this critical Covid-19 phase. Besides good health, I wish to create more happy memories with my two daughters, who are still very young and would benefit from lots of family bonding time. I hope that we’ll continue to always make life interesting together. This Mother’s Day, I’ll probably get my eldest daughter to shop online for me! Maybe I'll get her to choose two to three items I need for my wardrobe because she has good taste.”
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Eileen Chia, Team Lead, Magazines – Sales Development, SPH Media Solutions Division

“This Mother’s Day, I would love a bit of indulgence. We have all been keeping it very real the past few weeks! A delicious dinner with family at my current favourite ‘treat’ restaurant Dempsey Cookhouse would be ideal. I know it sounds rather frivolous but I would love a sparkly gift as well. I have my eye on a pair of tantalising Tanzanite earrings from Gorgeous Gems. It will be the perfect push present for baby number four due in June.”
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Samina Malik, Personal Makeup Coach and Founder, Sceptr Cosmetics

“For Mother’s Day, I would love to receive the gift of my children being educated, responsible world thinkers, because they are our future and are the ones that can change our world for the better. If we raise good kids who don’t take humanity for granted, and who don’t see race or religion as a division in society, the world will be a happier place.”