“Look at me, I’m limitless” – the lyrics to Jennifer Lopez’s song ring like an anthem to the superstar’s life and career. As she approaches 50, and with a new tour and movie out soon, the singer-actress-dancer-producer-mother shows there’s just no stopping her.

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Jennifer Lopez is an icon. The multi-hyphenate has spent over 20 years singing, dancing and starring in movies like Maid in Manhattan, The Wedding Planner and Second Act amongst many others, and she’s not about to stop. In fact, she calls where she’s at her “second act”, and with a new world tour and movie on the way, as well as her current engagement to boyfriend-of-two-years, former professional baseball player Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer couldn’t be more on top of her game.

The well-loved star shares, “I just feel fortunate and so blessed to have been in this business as long as I have. I feel like every day of my life is a dream. To feel this kind of love at this point, after so many years, is honestly mind-blowing for me.”

A Fine Balance

“I have been in the public eye for a long time so I know the pitfalls of being too public in a relationship and not being public at all. You have to find a nice balance of living your life, being happy but also keeping certain things to yourself as sacred. I don’t mind being out there but I also don’t want to be too out there. It’s a balance,” says the star who turns 50 and fabulous in July.

Jennifer has been pretty vocal about the status of her current relationship, saying she “doesn’t need” to marry Alex, but has never ruled out getting hitched again despite having divorced her previous husbands: Ojani Nao in 1993, Cris Judd in 2003, and Marc Anthony, with whom she has twins Max and Emme, 10, in 2014. 

“I’ve been married three times but I still believe in marriage and the idea of two people, committed to each other and growing old together. I think Alex and I are at a good place in our lives. I think maybe if we had met in our 20s, not so much, because we were both too crazy,” she confesses. “At this point in our lives, having kids and with what we have both accomplished in our careers, we are kind of in that second act of our lives. We really complement each other. Where I need help, he is really strong. Where he needs help, I’m really strong. You know when two people just fit together really well? He and I are really like that.”

You will only make good choices for yourself when you love yourself 

Keeping It Tight

Between accepting a marriage proposal, getting set to go on her “It’s My Party” tour this month (June 7), and headlining the movie Hustlers alongside Constance Wu and Cardi B in September, Jennifer is soaring higher than ever in 2019, and she’s not about to let anything slow her down. And it looks like her metabolism hasn’t either. Famed for her firm, toned curves, the actress-singer reveals there is no secret to keeping her figure fab and fit: She simply abides by the rules of self-discipline. “I think it’s just healthy living. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, and I don’t even go out in the sun. There are things that I have done over the years that I think have helped me now. I don’t do any potions and I don’t take any growth hormones. I don’t do a bunch of stuff to my face either. I honestly believe that who you are on the inside is what you look like on the outside, so I try my best to be healthy,” says Jennifer.

“It’s hard because nobody likes to work out and eat all of the right foods all of the time but those simple things are really the secret to my body. It’s about things like portion control and being consistent. All of it is a mind-set to being consistent and doing the right things to stay fit and healthy.” 

Reaching New Highs

The former American Idol judge also reveals that motherhood changed her perception of what it means to take care of oneself, physically and emotionally. She had to take some time to reflect on herself and her life after she split from fellow celebrity, Marc Anthony, and dig deep into the reasons why she was unhappy at the time.

Five years on, and life couldn’t be more different for the mum-of-two and soon-to-be-married star. She still has lofty dreams that she wants to achieve despite how far she’s come since her childhood days in the then rougher Bronx neighbourhood in New York.

“I think I am going to direct a film. That’s something I have always dreamt of but have always been a little afraid of. That’s definitely a goal still. Professionally, I think success comes to people who put in the extra work. It gets tiring and it’s not the easiest thing but I always notice that the ones who work harder, who stay later to get the job done, are the ones who wind up going far,” she says.

Another area she’s continuing to work on is being a parent. Jennifer admits, “I know they have tons of books about parenting but, honestly, it’s just coping day to day. You have so much love for a child when they are born and you just figure it out as you go. Every child is different and you just have to do the best you can.”

“As far as personal success, I think it’s about being happy and being a whole person on your own first, so you can share that happiness with other people in your life. That takes work too. Exercising, eating right, doing your affirmations, that’s all about loving yourself so you can be happy and complete on your own. You will only make good choices for yourself when you love yourself. I learnt the hard way!” 


We’ve loved her songs over the past two decades, so it’s only fitting we use her famous tunes to describe her show-stopping red carpet looks. Jennifer says she loves dressing up: “I am such a girly-girl. I feel like I’m Barbie when they are doing my hair and makeup. I can’t believe what my life is. It’s still amazing to me. When I get those moments, where I get to dress up as a princess and be on the red carpet, I’m still like, ‘What is happening?!’” And what does she do when all cameras and eyes are on her? “I try to walk in with confidence, be happy and proud of who I am and feel good about myself.” 


Her love won’t cost a thing, but Jennifer always looks like a billion bucks in her sparkly dresses. 

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When Jennifer Lopez showed up to the Grammy Awards in 2000, her Versace dress attracted so much online buzz that it led to the creation of Google Images. 

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Before macramé was trendy, it was worn by Jennifer when she hosted the American Music Awards 2015. 

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Jennifer stuns in this Charbel Zoe dress that comes complete with strategically-placed rhinestones. 

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Part glamazon, part disco ball, this Tom Ford look certainly wowed us on the Oscars 2019 red carpet. 

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Jennifer rocked up to the Grammys 2019 red carpet in a showstopping Ralph & Russo dress, complete with a wide-brimmed hat. 

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She looked every bit the diva when she arrived at the 2018 Video Music Awards wearing a one-shouldered Atelier Versace dress. 


As the song goes, J.Lo always dresses “like a movie scene, in the sweetest dreams” when she’s got that Old Hollywood glamour going.

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A midnight-blue Valentino dress festooned with glittering gold sequins followed her to the Tony Awards in 2015. 

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Jennifer proves she’s the red carpet queen when she showed up looking like a ’60s movie star in this flowy Valentino dress. 

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What better way to get dressed for the Golden Globes than in a canary-hued Giambattista Valli gown. 


Jennifer isn’t the only celebrity that’s rocking the big five zero. Here are some other leading ladies who are proof that you can rule the world with even greater confidence and style.

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Gwen Stefani

October 3

After gaining popularity as lead singer of the band No Doubt, Gwen sold more than 30 million albums as a solo artiste before becoming a mentor on reality singing competition, The Voice. She has three Grammy Awards to her name and even has her own fashion label. 

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Jennifer Aniston

February 11

This Friends actress needs no introduction. She gained worldwide recognition for her role as Rachel in the long-running sitcom, which earned her a Primetime Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and a Screen Actors Guild Award. 

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Faye Wong

8 August

Hong Kong pop diva Faye rose to prominence after starring in several Wong Kar-wai movies, including Chungking Express and 2046. She is also well known for her hit albums and record-breaking sales, which have earned her a massive following in Asia.

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Cate Blanchett

May 14

Born in Australia, this acclaimed actress is an awards show darling. She has won two Academy Awards, three Screen Actors Guild Awards, three Golden Globe Awards and three British Academy Awards. The Aussie government even gave her a medal for her service to Australian society.

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Ellen Pompeo

November 10

The Grey’s Anatomy lead has many awards on her mantel, including a Golden Globe, for her turn as Meredith Grey in the medical drama. She was ranked third in the list of highest paid actresses on television in 2018.