4 Steps To Axing Anger

If something’s ticked you off and you feel like blowing your top, here are some effective coping techniques

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If something’s ticked you off and you feel like blowing your top, here are some effective coping techniques.


Recognise The Signs

Are you clenching your teeth, tensing your muscles, feeling flushed in the face? Clinical psychologist Grant Brecht says you need to understand these before you can even unpack the reasons behind your frustration.


Understand The Why

Instead of playing the blame game, this is where you analyse your triggers. Grant says, “Understand that it is not the other person or situation that is making you angry but what you are saying to yourself about the situation.”


Be Cool, Calm & Collected

Trick your brain into thinking you’re not actually angry by taking a deep breath and putting a small smile on your face. Try changing your self-talk to “I either need to let this go, or work to get a solution to the situation.”


Take Note For Next Time

Being able to control your anger takes practice. Start noting what type of situations trigger your angry emotions. Is it when you think things are unfair? When someone has let you down or lied to you? Or perhaps put you down? Grant adds, “Work out the situations that you react angrily to and make a pact with yourself to find a solution-focused way to deal with them – you control you!” 

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The number of deaths each year the World Health Organisation estimates trans fatty acids contribute to. Try replacing with healthier fats and oils that come from avocados, fatty fish, nuts, chia seeds and extra virgin olive oil.


Going green may be a key way to protect kids against asthma, says recent research from New Zealand. Scientists followed 50,000 children until they were 18, using satellite imagery and land-use data to assess their exposure to nature. Those who lived in greener areas were less likely to be asthmatic, and their risk dropped further if they were exposed to a broader range of plants. Plants may have a protective effect as they bring with them increased exposure to microbes, which helps boost the immune system.
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Be Prepared

Keep a gym bag in your car or at work at all times, even if you aren’t planning to exercise. This will allow for spontaneous workouts such as when a lunchtime meeting is cancelled. Pack your bag with workout clothes, footwear, headphones, deodorant, face wipes and a bottle of water.
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Get Appy

Download an app that plays music from your library to match your pace, such as Jog.fm. There are also “speed” buttons on the app if you want to go faster or slower. Or go for the Android equivalent such as DjRun, which as the name suggests, plays DJ and selects songs from your library based on your body’s rhythm.
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Go Social

Raining outside and you don’t want to sit in traffic on your way to a fitness class? YouTube to the rescue… if you’re not sure where to start, try Blogilates, Kayla Itsines, or Tone It Up.