Kitchens Of The Future

As we reveal the winners for our Domestic Diva Awards 2018, we take a look at the futuristic kitchen.

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As we reveal the winners for our Domestic Diva Awards 2018, we take a look at the futuristic kitchen. Hyperconnected and multifunctional, these spaces enable you to cook, clean and live with greater ease than ever

Upgrade the heart of your home with the latest innovations. 
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When you think of the term “futuristic kitchen”, you may immediately conjure up images of Jetsons-style robot maids that do everything for you, from cooking meals to cleaning your home and doing the laundry. The truth is, the future is already here, but perhaps in more subtle ways than you would expect. The heart of the home is becoming more and more interconnected, both physically – as the popularity of open-concept kitchens prove, and technologically, with the rise of smart technology and more advanced R&D methods.

Here are seven things to look out for in today's most advanced cooking spaces that will revolutionise the way you live:


With homes decreasing in size, countertop space becomes more and more precious. As a result, cooking appliances are becoming more streamlined, with many performing multiple roles instead of just the one. Multicookers and all-in-one appliances that can bake, steam, grill, measure and even provide recipe suggestions are slowly becoming the norm as they save both space and time. These “uberappliances” are usually designed to be highly user-friendly, with aestheticallypleasing features and step-by-step guides built into the system.


Make your morning brew from the comfort of your bed with the latest coffee machines that can be remotely activated and programmed via a smartphone app. It’s almost like having your own robot barista, which dispenses the exact amount of coffee-to-milk ratio depending on the option you choose, be it a cappuccino or latte.


Laundry spaces, which are typically an extension of the kitchen space, are also getting an upgrade. Imagine putting your clothes in to wash before leaving for work and coming back to a freshly washed pile, or getting to wash two separate loads at the same time, or being able to add another item to the wash even when the cycle has started? That’s what you can look forward to with today’s most advanced washing machines, which can be synced with your phone so you can start your wash remotely, or have special settings that let you delay your wash at your convenience.


Future kitchens will make sure you hydrate well, too. This comes in the form of compact water filter systems, flasks and pitchers that are easy to use and contain advanced filters that work hard to sieve out impurities and give your household cleaner and more purified water to drink. They also take the hassle out of conventional stove top boiling, with tankless designs which are more hygienic as they reduce the chances of contamination. No more clunky units that are an eyesore; the newest versions are sleek, slim and the perfect companions for modern homes.


The walls have come down and layouts are becoming more fluid. While kitchens and dining rooms used to be segregated, the open-concept trend sees them becoming a combined space and the focal point of homes. This means extended countertops that double up as dining tables and prep zones, glass doors and windows that open up a space, as well as more appliances built into the cabinetry for a sleeker and more seamless look.


This kitchen workhorse has gotten major upgrades over the years, but the latest models show that we’ve only just scratched the surface. The new generation of refrigerators don’t just keep your groceries at optimal temperatures – they’re WiFi-enabled so you can conveniently look inside either remotely via a smartphone app no matter where you are, or through unique tinted glass panels that keep cool air from escaping. Some even come with integrated touch screens, so your fridge can recommend recipes based on your existing ingredients, and remind you when your vegetables are expiring, helping to reduce food wastage.


Whipping up fancy feasts (or even a simple dinner) won’t take ages, not with cutting-edge ovens engineered with a host of clever features to make light work of cooking. High-tech sensors automatically regulate the cooking process for immaculate dishes, and automatic functions let you choose from preset recipes, so the oven does all the heavy lifting for you. Hate having to clean afterwards? These futuristic ovens feature pyrolytic self-cleaning to degrease, or can generate steam to prevent the buildup of limescale, making cleaning up after cooking super easy.

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Streamline appliances with cabinetry for a sleeker look.
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A long layout helps visually extend a small kitchen. 
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An integrated kitchen and dining zone maximises space.
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