Your heart is one amazing organ.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

Your heart is one amazing organ. It’s never stopped moving since the day you were born, steadfastly pumping blood to your brain, muscles and the rest of your body to fuel a myriad of activities, from creative thinking to crushing workout after workout. What more can it do for you? Plenty. 

In light of World Heart Day on September 29, we’ve put together the following pages to build and nourish your heart in all ways possible. On the next page, learn to truly maximise your HIIT workout to reap the insane body benefits. 

When cardio workouts no longer challenge you, up the ante by doing endurance training. There are many variations, whether you love running, swimming or cycling. As you gear up, remember to track and monitor your progress. We show you how to use heart rate stats to your advantage, plus the latest gadgets to get your hands on. 

Finally, boost your heart health by making smart diet choices. We highlight the best and worst foods for the ticker, to keep it strong and pumping on.