This Month… Ask, Don’t Demand

What’s in it for the stars?

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What’s in it for the stars?

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Oxen like Meryl streep. her powerful speech when receiving the Cecil b.DeMille award at the Golden Globes moved hearts worldwide. she’s also nominated for a bafta this year, for her leading role in Florence Foster Jenkins.

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Roosters like IU. the year is looking bad for iu, following her breakup with Jang Ki ha. the couple called it quits after three years of dating, and the actress has also received criticisms on her acting in her drama, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.

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Year of birth: 2005•1993 •1981•1969•1957•1945.

There are many unlucky stars in your palace this month, so be alert and ready for any sudden changes. think of the bigger picture and try to solve problems amicably, even if someone wronged you unfairly. Wealth luck is poor and relationships will be rough. stay calm and patient.

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Year of birth: 2006•1994 •1982•1970•1958•1946.

things will flow smoothly. this month, be prepared for good opportunities to come by, so you can roll out your plans. be decisive at work. Wealth luck is good but be more conservative at the end of the month. relationship luck is very good, so it’s time to go for a deeper connection.

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Year of birth: 2007•1995 •1983•1971•1959•1947.

things are looking great for your career in the first three weeks, but the last week of the month will be problematic. be thorough and meticulous. Wealth luck is normal. remember to say things nicely to your partner even if you’re angry, or you will face serious repercussions.

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Year of birth: 2008•1996 •1984•1972•1960•1948.

the first half of the month is more unstable, and things will be more consistent in the second half. Wealth luck is good, but do not engage in speculative investments. this month may bring a good potential love partner into your life! 

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Year of birth: 2009•1997 •1985•1973•1961•1949.

Things are going your way most of the time this month. you will get many good opportunities to showcase your abilities. act fast and be decisive, and you can expect good returns from your investments. love luck is good, so spend some quality time together to make things even better!

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Year of birth: 2010•1998 •1986•1974•1962•1950.

Work will be stressful and many things can go wrong easily, so have a plan b ready. Just focus on completing your task and stay clear from other people’s problems. Wealth luck is weak, so do not invest in anything, and watch your budget closely. Do not neglect your loved ones this month. 

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Year of birth: 2011•1999 •1987•1975•1963•1951.

Though your luck is slightly better, things are still a bit unpredictable at work. be meticulous and prepared so you will not be caught off guard. health and wealth are both stable. be more understanding towards your loved ones, as there is more potential for friction for this month.

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Year of birth: 2000•1988 •1976•1964•1952•1940.

Wealth luck is superb, and you can expect good returns or even unexpected income. however, at work, things may be rougher during the middle of the month. beware of possible business scams coming your way. relationships will have great improvements, and things will flow easily.

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Year of birth: 2001•1989 •1977•1965•1953•1941.

There will be many misunderstandings at work this month, so “seek first to understand before being understood”. let others voice their views first. take all precautions towards any physical risks if you are going to high-risk places. love luck is very low, so do not force a relationship upon others.

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Year of birth: 2002•1990 •1978•1966•1954•1942.

This will be a stressful month, and things will not always go your way. Do not believe in what others say, verify the facts yourself. take precautions, for someone may betray you. Watch your budget closely, and spend more time connecting with your own family members. 

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Year of birth: 2003•1991 •1979•1967•1955•1943
All things are well, and most work obstacles will clear up on their own. Just do your work step-bystep and you will see your fruits very soon. there will be good investment opportunities, too. it’s easy to create sparks with the opposite sex, so if you are still single, you can forge a good bond.
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Year of birth: 2004•1992 •1980•1968•1956•1944
There will be some malicious characters around you that may cause harm, so stay away from them. Guard any business secrets closely, or you may face some legal issues. Wealth luck is not strong, avoid new investments. your relationship outlook is not optimistic, so don’t force a connection. 

A fundamental fact about luck is that when you want something, you need to first ask for it. Instead of just hoping for someone, ask for it (from the universe, someone you know, or even from a stranger), to immediately increase your chances of having it. Just ask nicely, and don’t demand.

Auspicious Dates 1st, 13th, 18th, 21st, 25th, 27th.

Inauspicious Dates 5th, 11th, 17th, 19th, 23rd, 29th.