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Everything you need to manage your work, sex life, relationships, health and more
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Jasmin had her first child in 2012 and quickly discovered how tough it was to balance work and motherhood. She then decided to coach women who faced similar challenges. She says: “To look after others well, you have to look after yourself.” One way to do that is to keep up with your personal development. Having a goal has a positive impact on your life and sets off a ripple effect on your loved ones. Here’s how to start. 

Think About What You Truly Want

This calls for honest self-reflection. Start by imagining what you’d do if you had no limitations. “When you take away those restrictions, you allow your dreams and passions to surface,” Jasmin says. 

These could be things you’ve always wanted to pursue, or things that used to excite you but had to be put on the back burner after you started a family. Simply identifying your dream and making a decision to chase it can increase your happiness. 

Start With The Bit You’re Good At

Break down that big goal. Jasmin says, “Find three things you can do about your goal this week. Include something you like to do and know you’re good at. For example, if your goal is to start a baking school, one of your to-dos could be to make a list of your top 10 recipes to include in your classes.”  

Don’t Keep It A Secret 

Jasmin encourages you to tell all your loved ones about your goal. Other people can get excited about it with you, which can be a big motivational push to get started. They can also keep you accountable and link you with others who can help you. 

Progression Over Perfection 

Your goals aren’t set in stone. “After some time, look at your goal again and evaluate your progress,” says Jasmin. “Does it still excite you? Or have you become frustrated with it after getting stuck along the way?” 

Your goal can be modified as long as its ethos is retained. “If the baking school idea doesn’t pan out, maybe the way forward is to do online tutorials. What matters is that it still captures your initial motivation.” 

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