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Office furniture brand Steelcase has collaborated with smart device charging expert Anker to create Steelcase Flex Mobile Power, a sleek, portable and powerful charging unit that not only charges multiple devices simultaneously, it also detects which device is running the lowest and directs the most power. Its charging tray charges five units overnight, sits on any flat surface and can be integrated into a Steelcase Flex Collection cart for extra mobility. It features both USB-C and USB-A ports and delivers best-in-class charging output. And if you think it looks like designer tableware, it is because it has been fashioned like one. Steelcase principal designer Hyun Yoo looked for inspirations in ceramic tableware. He shares: “We added 3-D texture patterns on the top cap and body to broaden what might be expected in a charging device. There’s a soft and silky feel of the finish on it, and the handle flexes ever so slightly to give the user the impression it is responding.”

Steelcase Flex Mobile Power retails for US$2,600 (S$3,527) from Steelcase and

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Hong Kong air purifier brand Aurabeat uses silver ion (AG+) to eliminate at least 99 per cent fungi, airborne bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes Covid-19. It is now available for Singapore homes thanks to Aurabeat AG+(NSP-X1), which features a three-stage disinfection mechanism: patented AG+ Air Filtration, UV Disinfection and Plasma Sterilisation, which can purify the air in an indoor area up to 40sqm within 30 minutes. 

Retails for $1,099 from Aurabeats Singapore, Ante, eCapitamall, iShopChangi, Tangs and Takashimaya 

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Ever had a good day in the kitchen where you cook a fabulous meal just to find out that you forgot to turn the hood on and now your laundry smells like your food? A cooker hood is an essential but oft-overlooked part of the kitchen. Turbo Italia presents Turbo Incanto TD8096, touted to be Singapore’s first-ever retractable power chimney hood. It boasts a smart sensor that automatically ups the suction power when it detects smoke and fumes while you’re cooking. The smoke guide board will descend when the hood is activated, and retract once it is switched off, reverting to its sleek design, cue an odourless kitchen and happy meals! 

Turbo Incanto TD8096 retails from $1,898 at Audio House, Courts, Best Denki, Harvey Norman and all major hardware stores.