Yellow is a great colour you can use to bring out natural textures.

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We’ve all heard the rhyme Yellow, Yellow, Dirty Fellow, which probably explains why the shade may not be popular. However, as we approach the end of the year – and while landscapes in the western hemisphere are bathed in autumnal hues – we’re seeing a growing demand for this particular shade among trendy homeowners. Such a mellow yellow conjures up images of a dusky sunset as seen through tinted glasses behind steam rising from a cup of piping hot tea. In the living room, this subdued yellow evokes a calming ambience and helps to balance out the other colours in the space. It also adds a sense of depth, making the room feel roomier.

Mellow yellow brings out the elegant curves of mid-century-inspired furniture such as this console from Essential Home. 

The Expert Says

My Reading Room

Wong Liangyuan

Colour Specialist, Haven Lifestyle 

“Yellow can be a difficult colour to match and that’s why a lot of people shy away from using it altogether. However, it is a great colour when you are looking to bring out natural textures, such as wood or ceramic and porcelain. There is a sensuality about it, which can be easily brought out as long as you temper it with contrasting hues such as dark brown or black.” 

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