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When was the last time you were captivated by or impressed with a faucet in the bathroom? If the answer is never, then you are not alone. For too long, the status of bathrooms has been relegated to one that is purely utilitarian and undeserving of additional effort in its design or presentation. Today, in an increasingly connected world, where the concept of personal space is constantly challenged, the bathroom is now regarded as a retreat for relaxation and private reflection.

Efforts to elevate the experience range from the mundane to the luxurious – large fluffy towels, fine soap, and scented candles. There are plenty of luxurious trimmings on the market meant for the bathrooms of the house-proud. Designer tiles also add sparkle to the space, while premium countertop materials offer a variety of looks without sacrificing durability.

Bathroom fixtures, of course, go from elaborate rain showers to ingenious wall-mounted nodes that project jets of water to help massage tired muscles.

Taking the luxe treatment a step further is the latest series of custom fixtures from bath specialist Axor by Hansgrohe. The new Myedition taps offer more than 225 different custom combinations that are made possible by the sheer range of materials available for both the sleek monolithic body of the tap and its crowning plate.

For starters, homeowners can choose from the 15 Finishplus surfaces – from polished red gold to brushed black chrome – which make up the body of the tap. They can then further personalise their selection with a premium plate material from the Axor Signature portfolio. Each boasts a level of craftsmanship and uniqueness like no other. Marble from quarries in the Basque region of Spain? You got it. Walnut veneer from the forests of America? That’s available, too.

Coupled with Axor’s Powderrain technology, which emits a spray so fine that it has been likened to enveloping one’s hands in a warm cocoon, the Myedition tap no doubt scores solid As for function and aesthetic. There is no question that, here, the humble faucet has transcended its role as a basic hygiene tool to becoming an avenue of creative expression for the discerning individual.

In a world where personalisation has become synonymous with luxury, more and more savvy homeowners are seeking ways to make every part of their abode truly their own. Even the smallest and most mundane of details are now subject to scrutiny and reinvention.

With Axor’s Myedition, it seems the demand for custom design and material won’t be running dry any time soon.