Home & Decor Pop Up debuts with a variety of home products and services.

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Home & Decor Pop Up debuts with a variety of home products and services.

1 The three-day event at Funan shopping mall showcased a variety of home products and services.

From 18 - 20 October, Home & Decor Pop Up brought to homeowners some of the best deals in home products and furnishings.

With a total of six uniquely curated exhibitors, the event — which was held at the new Funan shopping mall — offered a holistic shopping experience with a varied range of home solutions.

Interior design firm Starry Homestead showcased a diverse range of interior design projects and shared about the concept of customised renovation services. For space-saving solutions, SP Homes offered customisable cabinetry design options developed to maximise floor space in the home. To complement stylish home interiors, HM World Group displayed a variety of blinds and curtains that meet both form and function, while Ergoworks shared the importance of ergonomic furniture for all in the family, including the children.

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2 HM World Group offers both in- and outdoor curtains and blinds.

3 & 9 Igloohome’s range of smart locks can be mobile app-enabled, or accessed via PIN codes and Bluetooth functions.

4 & 6 SP Homes showcased the various opportunities in which homeowners can create more storage at home.

5 & 8 Customers test out Woosa’s bedding products at the booth.

7 Ergoworks’ ergonomic seats were popular among shoppers.

For the bedroom, Woosa impressed with its high quality pillow and mattress range, and even an adjustable bed base. Igloohome was also there to introduce homeowners to smart locks that keep your home safe while adding convenience to your daily routine.