Protect your locks while colouring them with Maxiphlex, a special treatment for Asian hair.

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Protect your locks while colouring them with Maxiphlex, a special treatment for Asian hair.

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Let’s face it. While our naturally dark tresses are beautiful as they are, it’s fun to try something different, especially since hair in every colour of  the rainbow is all the rage right now.

If you think that making the switch means your hair will become dry, dull and rough because of multiple chemical processes, like bleaching and dyeing, or that the use of heat and harsh styling aids afterwards will simply damage it further and make it more prone to breakage, think again.

Making the change to blonde, blue or any of the fun colours many women are sporting these days has never been more convenient to achieve, thanks to Maxiphlex, a breakthrough treatment by Jean Yip Hairdressing.

Protect and colour

Maxiphlex is unique in that it reconditions your hair as it is being processed with chemicals and heat. It also provides protection against further damage and breakage.

Maxiphlex contains a Hair Strengthener and a Hair Protector. The former is mixed into the colour or bleach product during a chemical treatment or applied to damaged hair before heat styling.

The latter is applied after the chemical service to reinforce the reconditioning process and prevent the colour from washing out, so your tresses are soft, shiny and vibrant. By incorporating Maxiphlex into the chemical service, you will save time and see great results.

Plus, with Maxiphlex, you can experiment with the bold colours you’ve always wanted to try, and never have to worry about unpleasant odours typically associated with chemical treatments, such as ammonia, because it also contains Aromaguard technology, so your locks smell fresh all the time.

Meant for Asian hair

Best of all, Maxiphlex is specially formulated for Asian hair, which tends to be thicker, coarser and more heavily pigmented than Caucasian hair. Always recommended for use whenever you colour your hair at selected Jean Yip Hairdressing Singapore salons, this treatment can also be used on its own to strengthen and improve the condition of  weak, dry and brittle hair.