This colouring/perming service makes your hair feel healthier than before

Shiseido Professional Salon Program, from $89. (Add-ons: cold/hot perm, from $200/$250; colouring, from $149.)

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Shiseido Professional Salon Program, from $89. (Add-ons: cold/hot perm, from $200/$250; colouring, from $149.) 

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The Shiseido Professional Salon Program is an in-salon hair-strengthening treatment that can be added on to your hot or cold perm, and colour service, to fortify chemically treated hair during and after a chemical procedure. For dyeing or perming to take place, the hair’s external bonds have to be broken for pigments to enter the hair shaft, or for the strands to change their shape. The Salon Program uses a dedicated haircare line during the treatment, thus employing Shiseido’s Intense Triplex technology that is said to reinforce the damaged bonds and help hair regain suppleness. A pre-perm product is applied to seal the internal bonds to protect against damage. After perming, an aftercare essence is applied to the curls and left on to help strengthen the external bonds.


Salon Orient, #01-217/218 Marina Square, tel: 6336-1385.

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“My hair is straight and long, and has never been chemically treated. I was afraid it would feel dry after the treatment, but my worries were unfounded. The session took about four hours. Not only did I constantly get compliments on how natural my curls looked (good feedback is not the norm when you have a fresh perm, because the curls can look tight the first week), my hair felt bouncier and smoother than when it was straight. Interestingly, where my mane would previously be tangled (even while applying conditioner), I could now run my hands through it easily. There was a week during which I didn’t apply essence to my hair or blow-dry it after washing, but still had no tangles. It’s been two months, and I haven’t had to return to the salon for another treatment – because my hair feels that smooth and soft.”


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