A Method To The Monogram Madness

We’re tempted to say that the monogram trend is back, but the fact is that it never really left.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

We’re tempted to say that the monogram trend is back, but the fact is that it never really left.

For many, monograms are fondly associated with early-2000s hotshots. The likes of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie from The Simple Life, and Mean Girls character Regina George come to mind. But monograms still have a rightful place even as the fashion landscape continues to evolve. 

This can largely be attributed to designers who constantly reinvent the monogram to maintain its relevance. We’re talking about blowing it up, flipping it inside out, or simply integrating it into modern pieces. 

A fine example would be the update of Burberry’s version. Upon his appointment as chief creative officer of the British fashion house a few seasons back, Riccardo Tisci asked highly respected British art director and graphic designer Peter Saville to design a new incarnation of it. Burberry’s monogram is now simply “TB” – the initials of its founder, Thomas Burberry – and inspired by the house’s archives.

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1: Leather bag, $2,090, Burberry.

2: 30 Montaigne canvas clutch, $2,900, Dior.

3: Canvas bag, $2,860, Louis Vuitton.

4: Monogram canvas satchel, $2,500, Saint Laurent.

5: Leather jacket with shearling collar, $4,810, Longchamp.

6: Cotton and polyester hat, $1,150, Dior.

7: Cowhide leather tote, $1,920, Longchamp.

8: Monogram canvas platforms, $1,560, Louis Vuitton.

This season, Louis Vuitton adopts a new font size for its famous monogram motif. Known as the Giant Monogram, it strikes a chord with a new set of customers.

In both cases, the monogram instils the brand’s contemporary designs with a sense of heritage. Be it printed on a canvas belt bag or leather jacket, it is made for those who subscribe to the values of  the brand.  

While haters might be quick to dismiss wearing monogrammed pieces as a loud cry for attention, we choose to think of it more as a subscription to a fashion tribe. In a world that can be so divided at times, a little solidarity doesn’t hurt. – VW