Got a relationship problem? Jason Godfrey, our resident guy expert, is here to help.

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Got a relationship problem? Jason Godfrey, our resident guy expert, is here to help.

My boyfriend is a lazy doofus when it comes to his turn to do the laundry. He’s driving me crazy, leaving an overflowing basket of clothes. I have become his maid! How do I get this hog to do his fair bit? 

The answer is to unbecome his maid. That means: stop doing his laundry – ignore it, pretend you don’t see it or smell it! There’s absolutely no reason why anyone should not do their own laundry or bring it to the laundromat. How difficult is that? 

Girl, I (seriously) hope he showers regularly, for your sake. Even if one is filthy and disgustingly rich, tossing the clothes into the dirty basket and then grabbing new stuff to wear isn’t a good look at all.

So you have to force the issue since he’s a slob. Let his clothes in the laundry basket fill up to an unbearable level – so that he runs out of (fresh) clothes and underwear. Now, if he starts to rummage through the basket to “recycle” clothes, it’s time you to sanitise your life – and move on. 

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I don’t have any fresh underwear, dear.

I have a hard time relating to my partner’s issues at work and in life. I think he’s having a quarter-life crisis. Should I ask him to check in with a shrink. But I don’t want to sound insensitive ?

Kudos to you for being understanding! Yep, empathy is key in such a scenario.

But be kind and gentle when you’re suggesting to him to see a shrink. We’re all just trying to make it in this universe. So perhaps, you can be open with him and let him know that you’ll try harder to understand what he is going through though you may not have all the solutions. 

Ask him how he feels about about seeing a shrink. Most importantly, don’t belittle the problems that he’s facing. 

We all have those moments at some point of our lives. The issues he has may be the same ones that you used to face. Keep your doors – and ears open.

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Breaking up is already so hard to do and it gets complicated when a furkid is involved. Especially when the two of you have invested so much time, energy and money raising the little munchkin together. 

A furkid is like a human child for many couples. The question is not who spends the most on the pet but who is capable of caring for McScruffer after a break up? Is it the one who bought them, the one who walked them the most or the one whose name is registered at the vet? I’m afraid that there’s no easy way to figure this out. 

But one thing for sure, know that your cute furball has nothing to do with your break-up. It shouldn’t suffer because the two of you fell out of love. Instead, think logically (like a parent) about what’s best for your little friend. Note: Don’t even try to use them as a tool just so you can get back at your ex.

The pressing questions you need to ask are: who has the best chance of caring for them in the long term? Be honest about who is really the favourite person of the pet. Because losing him or her can be tough for your cat, dog, armadillo or turtle.

Now, if it’s a goldfish...I suggest that you buy a new one. Heck, these fish won’t even remember who you are by the time they swim to the end of the aquarium!

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