The Electronic Atomiser That Turns Thick Serums into Mists

New local brand Iren introduces a novel way to apply skincare.

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New local brand Iren introduces a novel way to apply skincare.
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How to use it:

Remove cap. Hold the atomiser 15-20cm from face. Press and hold the silver button. Move bottle in an M-shaped motion from one side of the face to the other.

How to clean it:
Rinse it with room temperature water from a running tap. Air-dry before filling it with product again.

Born out of necessity and love for his wife, Iren (say “yee-ran”) was founded by Eric Tan, CEO of Ikeda Group, which is behind the spa chain of the same name.

Tan’s wife was undergoing in vitro fertilisation in 2015. Her busy work schedule as the spa’s operation director, coupled with her hormonal changes, gave her breakouts and eczema which a lot of skincare couldn’t help with.

“It pained me to see her suffer. So I started learning about hormones, toxic ingredients, and chemicals,” says Tan. “That drove me to create a skincare line for her that has no harmful chemicals or synthetic fragrances.”

To years later, Iren was launched as a line with a cleansing cream, toner, and seven targeted serums. The serums boast nano-encapsulated active ingredients that are “ziplocked” for maximum efficacy and freshness until they are delivered into skin.

To complement the tech, the Iren Skin Vaporizer was also invented. This handheld electronic atomiser turns any fluid as thick as runny yogurt into a superfine mist at the touch of a button. How fine is fine? The 200nm droplets are 400 times smaller than the diameter of a strand of hair, and about 100 times smaller than an average facial pore.

“Average atomisers can only handle water-like textures; they don’t pick up thicker liquids well, spitting them out in blobs instead,” says Tan.

It can be used with other brands’ skincare – serum, lotion or toner – as long as it is less viscous than watery yogurt.

It’s rechargeable by USB cable, with a single charge lasting two weeks if you use the Vaporizer twice a day. That’s about as long as you need before you have to refill it; its 6ml capacity holds enough product for two weeks of use. – KT

The Iren Skin Vaporizer is $338. It’s about the size and weight of a 150ml bottle of thermal water facial spray.

Sold at Face Shower Bar by Iren, #B1-17A Citylink Mall; Ikeda Spa outlets; and

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