An antioxidant remedy for the eyes

There are these things called free radicals which we all hate.

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There are these things called free radicals which we all hate. These highly reactive molecules – brought about by environmental aggressors such as smoke, pollution and exposure to UV rays – can cause premature ageing, damage to our cells, and even cancer. Their actions result in more age spots on our skin, decreased elasticity, and less collagen production. Our cells also produce free radicals as a byproduct of the body’s metabolic processes.

On the other hand, there are these things called antioxidants which we all love. They are skin saviours that either neutralise or break down free radicals to prevent cell deterioration. And antioxidants are especially needed in the eye area because the skin there shows signs of ageing faster than the skin on the rest of the face (it’s thinner and moves a lot when we squint, smile or laugh, and so on).

Give your eye area what it needs with Estee Lauder’s new Nutritious Vitality8 Radiant Eye Jelly ($67), to be used as you would an eye cream. It’s part of the brand’s Nutritious Vitality8 skincare range which has pomegranate, mangosteen and berry extracts that are rich in the vitamins and minerals we need to restore radiance to the skin around the eyes. And yes, true to its name, it really has a jelly-like texture which is a little firmer than most eye gels but just as lightweight, and spreads just as easily. We also like the scent, which is pleasantly fruity and not overwhelmingly sweet.