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I have about nine virtual dates planned ahead from Tinder. I might have overbooked (being kiasu about having more choices). How do I fob off a few dates, because I don’t think I can handle that many guys on my schedule?

You could kill three birds with one stone by going on a threesome date – if the guys are up for a “menage a trois”.

Then you would only have to go on a few virtual outings (which is more fun, I think) compared to nine one-on-one dates, which will tire you out!

Okay, if the idea of a threesome isn’t your cup of tea, then just be honest about it. Tell the guys that you’ve got too many dates to go on, and it’s simply stressing you out. Next, start short-listing the ones (to kill off from the list) whom you like the least.

Or maybe, don’t be so mean, and use the excuse of having limited time. In my experience, making yourself a “scarce commodity” would raise your value.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll have them fighting over you.

Help! I’m at the mercy of my mother-in-law doing everything her way. And I can’t escape during the lockdown period. How do I get her off my back? My hubby isn’t helping and he wants to keep the peace.

Lockdown can be rough when situations you could normally avoid become unavoidable. I do get you.

In your case, I think engaging your mother-in-law in an amicable way is the best way to go. I encourage you to have a heart-to-heart talk with her about the things you’re comfortable with, what you aren’t comfortable with, and vice versa.

Bottom line is, you want to reach a middle ground to make living together a pleasant experience. Who knows, she may not even know that she’s demanding – and overbearing. So be amicable and respectful when broaching the subject. The little chat may open a new friendship.

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You don’t want to be at each other’s faces living under one roof, so how to be clear about the time and days you want company, or to have your me-time?

The Circuit Breaker has put many of us in a situation where we’re too close for comfort. It can be suffocating, but if your partner is driving you up the wall, it’s normal! Relationships are not meant to sustain two people in a confined space with no other contact. That’s why a lot of horror movies begin that way!

As a model, I’ve spent a lot of time living in confined spaces with people in small apartments. Turns out I’ve been living in a pandemic mode my entire career! And when you find yourself in a cabin fever situation (or HDB fever to be more accurate), don’t be afraid to tell the other person that you need your space.

Even if you live in a studio, pick a corner, put on the headphones and disappear into a movie your better half doesn’t want to watch. You know what they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder – even if that absence is ignoring someone from across the room. Everyone needs their own time – and space – in good and bad times. Your partner should be willing to accommodate you. Chances are, they’re just as sick of you as you are of them.

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