We can be quite the tenacious bunch.

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The inspiring fifth batch of #HerWorldHerStory women doing their part to help, pg 92 

Lessons learnt from surviving Covid and joblessness, pg 104 

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Granted, it took us a while to adapt, but didn’t we get through the Circuit Breaker period – with WFH, HBL and all – just fine? Though my work pace hasn’t slowed down at all, I am not compromising time with my husband and kids as I’m home a lot more than I used to be. I do chat with my friends a lot less, but the few moments when we do call or message one another, we get straight to the real talk.

There are upsides to this slower pace of life that we can’t deny – many of us have become better cooks or bakers. More importantly though, the change of daily structures has introduced a certain stillness to our lives that has forced us to re-evaluate our priorities.

Then there are the women who did more than just adapt, rising to the occasion and facing challenges head on – from Covid-19 survivor Nadia Tan to Madeline Hui, who took her “joblessness” as an opportunity to upgrade herself (pg 104), and some of the fifth batch of women in #HerWorldHerStory (pg 92), who did their small part in helping the elderly feel better or the sick feel heard.

While we are still uncertain about what the new world will be like as we try to resume life, I know we all have the resilience and tenacity to adjust and thrive. Still, I do understand that not everyone’s home is a haven, and these times have proven to be more challenging than usual. If you need a listening ear, this article on www.herworld.com/life/ trouble-at-home-hotlines-for-help may come in handy.


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