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Setting the standard for safety, comfort and design, Pognae’s Orga Plus is the ultimate baby carrier for mums in the know

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Setting the standard for safety, comfort and design, Pognae’s Orga Plus is the ultimate baby carrier for mums in the know
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While many parents adore the convenience and emotional bond of “baby wearing”, the process of choosing a carrier that is both safe and convenient can be more wearisome than wonderful. Enter Pognae, the top-selling baby carrier brand in Korea with over 74 percent of the hipseat market share, to take the weight off finding the ultimate baby tote.

Here are insider tips and myth-busting facts about baby carriers, straight from the experts:


A poorly-designed carrier can impair the development of delicate hip bones. Thankfully, Pognae’s Orga Plus baby carrier boasts an ergonomic design certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute to support the proper growth and development of babies. It gently supports and spreads a baby’s legs to prevent the dislocation of hips and ensure comfort.

Certified by a panel of infant growth and development specialists, the Orga Plus’ hipseat ensures that the baby’s knees are higher, or at an equivalent height as her hips, for ergonomic health.
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Not all carriers are made equal. After years of stringent development, the Orga Plus was created with mindfully engineered elements by multi-award winning brand Pognae to support both baby and parent.

Case in point: The Orga Plus boasts a double safety device that includes a safety belt with buttons and a YKK auto zip lock in the front, and a large velcro closure and buckle in the back made by the world’s top maker of plastic buckles.


The Orga Plus’ secure waist band and improvedfit arm and shoulder straps have been designed to evenly distribute the weight of the child. It includes a sliding chest buckle that secures the two shoulder straps for adjusting the distribution of weight according to your body so you can maintain a good posture. A mesh fabric inner waist belt minimises movement of the belt with wear, and keeps the parent feeling cool and comfortable.


According to medical experts, a good indicator of whether a child is comfy in a carrier is the sleep test. If a baby snoozes in the carrier, chances are she’s feeling secure and comfortable. The Orga Plus is tailored to maximise the comfort of little ones. It is almost fully padded, and cut from the softest organic fabrics that don’t irritate delicate skin or cause chafing. Plus, a wide, highly elastic cushioned seat and mesh back panel mean that the baby feels at ease even after being carried for long stretches.


Pognae’s Orga Plus is a three-inone baby carrier, hipseat and hipseat carrier that offers nine ways of carrying a child. First, you can cradle a newborn by utilising the hipseat as a support. It is even sturdy enough to support a child over the age of three, without the wearer feeling much strain.

Newborns can also be carried in the Orga Plus, as long as the infant insert is used to support the neck, and the baby’s legs are not spread open too wide during first three months.

Furthermore, the baby can face outwards in the Orga Plus at around six months, as soon as her neck muscles are strong enough. In fact, even older children weighing under 20kg can be toted—backpack style, or carried on one’s side on the hip seat—with Pognae’s Orga Plus.