Not sure where to begin with resolutions? These women give you insights on what you should be focusing on, so be awesome!

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Emcee, wellness coach, actress, Youtuber Co-founder of kapowballs

Which part of your body are you giving more attention and loving care to this year?

I work myself hard during training periods, but the area I need to give more attention to is my rehabilitation and mobility. I won’t pick one body part because every part of your body is connected when you move. For 2020, I'll be doing a lot more deep tissue massages, foam rolling, stretching, infrared sauna-ing... anything to improve recovery!

What would you be willing to try outside your comfort zone to improve your health?

I want to continuously improve the renewing of my mind and mental health. For 2020, I intend to do more meditation or have some quiet time.

What are your tips to staying inspired / productive?

Two things, to always have gratitude and to always be eager to learn. I find them essential to my base for continuous inspiration in anything I do.

What do you think of 2020?

Momentous. It's going to be the start of many things. 2020 has such a nice ring and I'm looking forward to making it memorable!
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Illustrator Selected by Netflix to create art for Stranger Things

In what ways would you be willing to bring more enjoyment into your life?

I would love to explore more ways of creating art. Picking up animation is something I'm looking forward to this year.

Who are the three people you would like to have more fun with?

Definitely my family (that’s more than three people oopsie)! I’ve been receiving more jobs and commissions, that means less time spent with family members. I really hope to spend more time with them and have fun!

What gift would you like to give yourself this year?

I would love to give myself more TIME, to rest and to love myself more physically and emotionally.

What gift would you like to give someone this year?
I think the greatest gift I can offer is sharing my art online. I’m aiming to share more quality content and maybe even creating simple videos on how to draw confidently.
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Social media influencer, blogger, and founder of The DC Edit

What’s one life advice that fashion has taught you?

Never say ‘no’ to trying new styles. Be adventurous with colours and silhouettes — it’s all about having fun!

What’s one beauty mistake that you learnt and will never do again?

Listening to the advice of others instead of sticking to my gut when it comes to style. You know your own style best!

What are you tips to staying inspired/productive?

Reading and talking to people. I get ideas from looking through international magazines and gain inspiration from having conversations with people about themselves, what they do, their interests etc.!

What do you look forward to in 2020?

I look forward to organising more meaningful events with/for our community and followers. I think it’s important to lend our platforms to help empower others and highlight lesser known companies.