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LANEIGE sets the record straight on BB cushions and reveals the beauty hacks that’ll get you the most out of this next-gen makeup.

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LANEIGE sets the record straight on BB cushions and reveals the beauty hacks that’ll get you the most out of this next-gen makeup.
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First off , BB cushions are not just BB cream in a sponge form. While the compact packaging of BB cushions make them super convenient and great for touch ups (no fingers required!), the real beauty benefit of these nextgen foundations lies in their magic formulas. “The LANEIGE BB Cushion’s fundamental advantage is that they all contain special Hydro Ion Mineral Water, which makes the cushion moist and non-sticky,” explains Tina Oh, Training Manager for LANEIGE. 
If you’re concerned about an overabundance of moisture that will turn your “I-woke-up-like-this” foundation into an oil slick at the end of the day, it’s good to know that BB cushions can still be your friend. “Choose a BB cushion that suits your needs and concerns, and always apply thinly to build up coverage. Then set the BB cushion with a sebum control powder,” advises Tina.
Your moisturising and skincare routine makes a difference to your makeup, too. “I do not recommend using too much moisturiser when applying BB cushion or any makeup,” cautions Tina. “Just a thin layer will do. Any excess that is not absorbed into skin will leave a residue and your makeup won’t be able to adhere to the skin properly,” she continues. If your BB cushion comes with a high SPF, you can also skip sunblock.
Tina also has a money-saving tip up her sleeve when it comes to BB cushions. “Sometimes after using your BB cushion every day for a few weeks, you may start to think your BB cushion feels dry and you need a new refill,” says Tina. But don’t cash out for one just yet – “Take a clean tweezer, pick up the sponge, and flip it to the other side,” she suggests. “You will be surprised with the amount of BB emulsion that’s still inside. That’s because every time when we press our puff onto the sponge, the formula is pushed deeper in. Flipping the sponge every other week will ensure you have a longer lasting BB cushion.” 
BB Cushion_
Pore Control, $59
LANEIGE BB Cushion_ Pore Control, $59
Cushion highlighter, $34,Watery cushion concealer, $35
Cushion highlighter, $34,Watery cushion concealer, $35
Cush Is King

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Tina shows us how to conceal dark eye circles and pimples with the help of your BB cushion.

The moistness of the BB cushion can cause my concealer to slip and slide. What is the best way to use concealer when I use a BB cushion?

“Blending concealer onto the spots directly can actually decrease the coverage. Try blending just around the spots with a concealer brush, then set the area lightly with powder.”

How do I cover up dark eye circles when using a BB cushion?

“Choose a light and creamy concealer that is not too drying and apply over your BB cushion. Avoid using too much product all around the eyes with the idea that the more you use, the better it covers. That’s wrong. Just apply thinly and lightly where the dark circles occur. You can use a concealer brush to apply it on the dark circle. Then, instead of using your finger or a sponge, use the BB cushion puff to gently pat the edges of concealer around the rest of your eyes. Remember to lightly set with powder.”