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Remember the sexy striptease routine that our Bachelors performed during the Finals Party?

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Remember the sexy striptease routine that our Bachelors performed during the Finals Party? Well, if you liked what you saw, you too can learn how to turn it on at SLAP Dance Studio. Try your hand at pole dancing, or master some striptease tricks that your man will definitely appreciate. Best of all, you’ll feel so sexy that Anastasia Steele won’t have a thing on you. Oh, and if you want to be under the tutelage of the very same woman who whipped our bachelors into shape, ask for coach Putt! PS: if you’d like your boyfriend to learn something new, SLAP Dance Studio also holds pole dance classes for men.

SLAP Dance Studio is located at 155A/157A Telok Ayer Street and #10-01 Robinson Square. For more information, visit

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The highlight of any school sports events when we were kids was, without a doubt, the MILO van. Nothing can beat the taste of a chilled, chocolate-y drink on a sweltering day. Now, you can relive that childhood memory with MILO Nutri G, the latest offering from MILO that’s formulated specially for adults. Using four types of hydrolysed whole grains sourced from the US – oats, brown rice, barley and wheat, just two bottles of this drink will give you the fibre equivalent of one bowl of rolled oats. Plus, you won’t have to bother with powder or ice cubes since this is so conveniently packaged.

MILO Nutri G retails for $1.20 per bottle and $6.95 for a pack of six at all major supermarkets and convenience stores.

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I can’t be the only one who loves a good running shoe that’s also stylish, right? The ASICS fuzeX is not just good for runs, but also good as a daily sneaker, if street-style is your thing. Trust me when I say that you’ll find yourself running (or walking) faster with these shoes on. This is thanks to its midsole that’s made with fuzeGEL technology developed by the ASICS Institute of Sport Science in Japan. Not only is the material ultra-light, it also absorbs the shock as your feet hit the ground while pushing you forward on repulsion. So, yes, physics is going to help you clock those kilometres within a shorter amount of time.” Sophie Hong, Features Writer

ASICS fuzeX retails for $179 at all ASICS stores and selected sporting goods stores.

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Keeping it tight

It pays to invest in some good workout gear. Not only would it enable you to exercise more efficiently, you’d also look and feel better in something that’s a lot more flattering. To that end, the Nike Zoned Sculpt Tight range comes with a bigger price tag, but you’ll feel the difference, for sure. Designed to provide compressive support to your core, quads and glutes, the tights are good for workouts that involve a lot of core training moves like pushes, pulls, lunges, squats, bends and rotations. We also love that it comes with a higher, tilted waistband that wraps tightly around your middle. Not is it only good for hiding flab (bye bye, tummy!), it also serves as a reminder to keep your core engaged.

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