There’ll be ups and downs, but that’s just to prep you for wonderful things ahead.

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FEB 19 — MAR 20


Woah! Someone’s channeling their inner romanticist and making the FIRST move. It’s about time you fishies take more initiative. We don’t have much control over these things, but Venus and Mars seem to like you a lot. So, probably a YES?


You’re surrounded by really gifted people in the coming months. Be bold and get their numbers, you’ll never know when they might be of great help to YOU. Even if they don’t, they’d still make good friends that’ll leave you spiritually happy.


The time and effort you’ve heavily invested in is finally paying off. You’re making a killing! Pour money into investments that will back you up in the future — a house, a car or insurance. Go with the flow. You know what’s best for you!


Just when you thought you could put your feet up a bit after meeting your goals, your achy bones start acting up and you begin your rants. Nothing major, but take this as a gentle reminder to treat your body (and mind!) better.


MAR 21 — APR 20


You’re almost at the end of the roller coaster ride in the game of love. But don’t get off when before it comes to a complete halt or you’ll get hurt. Avoid impulsive actions and think before you speak. Things are beginning to look better!


The engine has just started and you’re ready to take on any job thrown at you! This feeling should last until you get bored of repetitive tasks. Spend more time on artistic hobbies. They might give way to a job you didn’t know you want.


Aries, we’re so jealous of you! Not only will you have enough to cover your bills, you’ll also have extra to buy a little somethin’ for yourself. While you’re not obligated to do that, it’s better to save it in the piggy bank for the rainy days.


Talk about stamina! There won’t be a single bug that can take you down! But don’t be too confident with your health. You’re still quite vulnerable because of your fast-paced lifestyle. So, take a chill pill once in a while and relax, will you?


APR 21 — MAY 21

Things are rocky for you this month, so don’t go charging blindly like you always do. Your workplace and relationship are giving you a headache. You’re showing everybody you’re OK but don’t bottle up your feelings! Vent to a friend or risk accidental overspending at the mall.


MAY 22 — JUN 20

You’re in luck, Gemini! We’re seeing a heck full of promises in all aspects of your life. Take this chance to focus on personal growth — like your New Year resolutions. Start by hitting the gym as Saturn is in the stars to help you. You’ll have enough greens to pay your bills but it’s advisable to not do investments as they won’t be profitable.


JUN 21 — JUL 20

Dear Cancer friends, you’ve been extra popular lately! That’s great news for singletons who are finding love. But for the taken ones, not so much — you tend to ask for too much from your other half and the unbalanced effort in the relationship can be upsetting. Try distracting yourself with work and look forward to a pay raise and a promotion!


JUL 21 — AUG 21

Being the leader you are has been stealing stares from all walks of life. But that won’t do you any good; as a matter of fact stepping out of the limelight will! By helping others with their finances, you’ll flourish and be remembered for your kind acts. Also, keep doing what you’re doing with your fitness routine — it’s working.


AUG 22 — SEP 22

Positivity is written in the stars for Virgos! You can expect a job promotion, more money AND probably a new man in your life. Just one thing — don’t give your whole heart yet. It may be a fling instead of a ‘settle down’ relationship.


SEPT 23 — OCT 22

Can you smell that Libras? Love is in the air! Singles will gallop away with their knight in shining armour while those in a relationship will eventually tie the knot. Take care to iron out any disagreements before anything is signed and sealed. And good job for sticking to your fitness routine! Keep this up and you should be making less trips to the doctor this year.


NOV 23 — DEC 21

Family comes first sagis! Refrain from any fighting even if your fam is pushing all your buttons. Try to hold it in and don’t let that stress get in the way of your health. This drama might also spill over to your workplace, but don't worry—this hurdle won’t obstruct a single bit of your money flow. In fact, good fortune will come your way this month.


OCT 23 — NOV 22

“Workaholic” best describes you as everything you do revolves around your job. Even love! You’ll be falling head over heels for your colleague. Don’t worry if your peers aren’t giving you their blessings. You wouldn’t be getting much support from them anyway, even with your assignments. But all this WILL pass — to see the rainbow you must endure some rain.


DEC 22 — JAN 19

Bad news, Caps! Because your sign is situated so closely with Sagis, you’ll be sharing some of the dilemmas. Family drama is the most obvious one, in which you might have a fall-out with the elders. But look on the bright side — your health is great, you’re making enough dough and you’ll be meeting your long-awaited soul mate! Just hang in there!


JAN 20 — FEB 18

You’re in a great rush to prove yourself in the coming months. As a result, you are saying ‘yes’ so often to the point where you feel overwhelmed and fatigued. You’ll get more annoyed when you see that your efforts are fruitless but don’t let it get to you. Stay grounded and calm down with a relaxing sound bath (or two) and start practising more self-love, both physically and mentally. Sooner or later, the dark clouds will fade away and there’ll be light at the end of the tunnel.