Cyndi Tryon

A psychic gift powerful enough to turn even the biggest sceptic around.

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A psychic gift powerful enough to turn even the biggest sceptic around.

My Reading Room

“The space between here and the other side is so thin. We’re just here for moments really”

I was told that a session with Cyndi Tryon would be life-changing. Though curious and open to the experience, I was slightly dubious, having never met a psychic before. I went in without expectation, but was soon hanging on to every word she uttered. A petite lady with boundless energy, the half hour session with Tryon consisted of her conveying messages from “my people” as she refers to guardians and protectors.

Tryon summed up my personality flawlessly without any information from me within the first five minutes, including curiously specific details, from my daily routine to the only colour I avoid wearing, that no one else could be privy to. She sensed the presence of my late grandmother, describing her endearing bossiness to a T – all the convincing I needed that she is indeed the ‘real deal’.

This special gift led Tryon around the world, from the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong where we met, to its sister properties in Baltimore, Toronto and beyond. As a child, hearing voices in her head made her question her sanity, until a psychologist introduced her to a psychic who taught her how to hone her skill, filter the noise and transform it into a positive experience that can benefit others.

“If I can make one person’s day better, make one person smile, help one person through a situation, connect one family member to somebody that touches them or lights them up, that’s all I ask for. I just hope I can help one person each day. That’s my focus,” says Tryon. Before meeting clients, she asks her spirit guides to receive only accurate, positive information. Although she believes we all have choices and that situations can change, and that predictions are not set in stone.

Dealing with sceptics can be a challenge for Tryon. She says, “The more open you are to a reading, the better it is for you. It can almost be like an invasion of someone’s privacy or belief system so they come in blocked. At first, it kind of hits me because I feel their wall. Even if they’re not a believer, it’s easier if they just open up and let the information come through. It might not make sense at the time, but it could later down the road, and sometimes they’ll be blown away.”

Raised a baptist, Tryon felt like an outsider at church, and found it difficult to buy into rules imposed upon her at a young age. She recalls, “Everywhere I went, I didn’t fit in and I could never figure out why, or what it was that I didn’t encompass. It hit me that I could believe anywhere; I didn’t need to be within the four walls of a church. I knew there was something bigger out there for us that was good, and that if we could live every day just being happy, that should be enough to get us in.”

With this philosophy, Tryon brushes off mistakes and focuses instead on the lesson. She focuses on the takeaway of an experience, dismissing the rest, a skill that children seem to grasp innately. She says, “I love the kids coming into the world who don’t feel remorse. We were never put on this planet to carry guilt, so we need to get back into touch with who we are, embrace and love ourselves, and not try to change those around us. That’s who they are, their path and what they need to learn.”

Her receptiveness to new experiences has opened doors internationally for Tryon, who allows energy to determine her next move, excited to find out where she ends up. Her clients are a mixture of established and new, some who have lost parents and need reassurance of their presence, and others who have lost children, seeking comfort that they are on the journey they should be. She says, “I just give them clarity that family never leaves the realm; the space between here and the other side is so thin. We’re just here for moments really.”