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Much like DNA, no two individuals’ skins are absolutely alike.

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Much like DNA, no two individuals’ skins are absolutely alike. That’s why Juvena from Switzerland has developed a highly customisable skincare range to address your skin’s needs. The Skinsation range features the Global Anti-Age Cream Fluid as the base solution, with four additional concentrates designed to target specific skin concerns. The base solution defends against ageing by improving skin laxity and strengthening skin structure, and can be enhanced with the Daily Shield Concentrate which provides comprehensive protection from environmental stressors, UVA, and infrared. For dull skin, the Deep Moisture Concentrate imbues your skin with intense hydration for long-lasting youthful radiance. The Regenerating Oil Concentrate is ideal for dry skin: The vitamin A in this concentrate penetrates deep within the skin to stimulate regeneration, and restore skin to its optimal state. And if your skin needs firming, the Immediate Lifting Concentrate fills out wrinkles, relaxes features, and contours the visage for a noticeable lift. Whatever your skin concerns are, simply mix and match to get the ultimate bespoke treatment solution for your skin. At $408.

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