Celeb host Diana Ser gives a masterclass on how to refresh, upgrade and style your closet classics BY AARON KOK

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Celeb host Diana Ser gives a masterclass on how to refresh, upgrade and style your closet classics BY AARON KOK

DIANA SER, 46 Host and Founder of Crazy About Chinese

Tee Time

The everversatile white T-shirt can be dressed up with a statement ruffled skirt.

Dinosaur Designs earrings, $160; and Johanna Ortiz skirt, $1,500, both from NET-A-PORTER. T-shirt, $23.90, from Topshop. Montblanc watch, Diana’s own.

For most Singaporeans, Diana Ser is no stranger. A witty and personable TV presenter who’s spearheaded discussions ranging from politics to environmental and social issues, Diana has come to be a trusted friend to thousands of viewers.

When it comes to her style, Diana gravitates towards pieces that are timeless, and possesses a sense of design elegance. Her clothing has transcended age, season and trend to achieve sartorial longevity. Here, she takes five to talk shop with us, and introduces easy ways to reinvigorate closet classics.

What projects are keeping you busy at the moment?

“Currently, I am still a co-host on the show Talking Point. I’m also actively involved with my online platform, Crazy About Chinese, where we help parents and caregivers to encourage bilingualism with their children.”

Why did you start Crazy About Chinese?

“Well, the simple answer: Because I can. About 20 years ago, when I first started out, I had dreamt of being my own executive producer one day, but never thought I would be in broadcasting myself. Technology has now allowed people like us to take charge, and I am very passionate about bilingualism because I’ve always encouraged that in my three children. I went to a Chinese school, and I’ve been raised to think always about what and how you can contribute to society, and I suppose this platform was a small way of giving back.”

My Reading Room

French Lessons

Take a page from the French, and wear a camel coat as a dress.

Dinosaur Designs earrings, $160, from NET-APORTER. Coat, $835, from Sandro. Bag, $2,920, from Bottega Veneta. Montblanc watch; and shoes, both Diana’s own.

My Reading Room

"Try contrasting your classic accessories. Feminine rings stacked together juxtapose an oversized watch nicely."

My Reading Room

Monochrome Magic

Refresh your black-and-whites by looking for interesting textures and embellishment.

Kenneth Jay Lane earrings, $81, from NET-A-PORTER. Dress from Michael Kors. Rings from Pandora. Montblanc watch, Diana’s own.

Describe your personal style.

“I gravitate towards classic pieces. I’m always on the lookout for something that is elegant, timeless, and fits beautifully. I don’t consider my style to be cutting-edge, but rather, I like to invest in good pieces that can give me more mileage. I do love a little bit of glamour – maybe that’s the girly side in me!”

How has being a working mum impacted the way you dress and shop?

“Comfort has become a key factor for me. I work for half a day, and then I’m in ‘mummy mode’. Before motherhood, I would be running around in these vertiginous heels and I would tell myself ‘you are fine’ when I was really aching. Today, it’s different. I make sure I’m properly attired for the occasion, but comfort comes first.”

On a personal level, how has your dressing changed with age?

“There was a time when I thought that if you bought expensive clothing, you’d be fine. If you found the most expensive brands in the world, then by default, you were supposed to look good. But today, I’m realising that you can mix high street brands with luxury pieces and you can still look great. I love that fashion is more democratic now. Also, I’ve learnt to appreciate the quality and workmanship of a well-made garment, and the value behind investing in a piece I love.”