The shrunken-bag universe is expanding.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

When it comes to carrying essentials, men have been largely limited to two options: creating inelegant walletand key-shaped lumps and bumps in trouser pockets, or schlepping around a large bag that a small child could fit into. Finally, there’s an in-between – and long-overdue, not to mention seemingly painfully obvious – solution for the man who only has a couple of things to carry: The micro bag.

Small leather goods have been getting smaller for a few seasons now, and they have taken a variety of forms. For Spring 2019, for instance, Louis Vuitton created handbag-sized trunks and cylindrical bags covered in monogrammed leather in various hues. Prada suggests neat camera bag-like carriers, covered in dark solid colours or playful motifs such as whales. Versace, that purveyor of all things gender-bending and glamorous, is serving up handbags (pictured) that would not be out of place in its women’s collection. Ready to downsize? Now’s the time to do it.