How? It’s made from 18K gold that “expands” and “contracts”.

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How? It’s made from 18K gold that “expands” and “contracts”. 

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With its Blossom Idylle Twist Bracelet, Louis Vuitton Fine Jewellery turns the impossible into the possible: The cuff - like band has what the brand calls “memory shape” technology, which makes its length of 18K gold supple enough to be twisted open to accommodate any arm of any size. That same tech then systematically returns the metal to its original form – by itself! – so it hugs your arm like it was made for you. Expand the bracelet by twisting one end to the left, and the other to the right. The Blossom Idylle Twist Bracelet comes in three sizes, and three shades of gold to flatter different skin tones. Each has a 0.06-carat diamond and one of the three Louis Vuitton Monogram flowers. $4,050 each. 

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