The Sustainable Life

All in favour of Earth Day, raise your hands.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

All in favour of Earth Day, raise your hands. Good. All in favour of Earth Week, lemme see some hands. Great! Now all in favour of Earth Year – awesome! I hear you!

It does seem like most people are for saving the earth and being environmentally conscious, and are at least paying lip service to leading a more sustainable life. So why do people wait for Earth Day to come around before they’re reminded to switch off  their lights for a few hours? It’s symbolic, but really doesn’t do anything except make you bump into your furniture.

We spoke to eco-warriors, and these inspiring women all proffer the same advice: Start small. But start somewhere: Use one less plastic bag; eat up your leftovers; bring a metal straw; buy one less item; and upcycle one more item.

We started some time ago to prepare this sustainability issue, with pointers on the eco-friendly fashion brands you can support, the beauty products you can buy, and the restaurants you can eat at. We’ve also got a 24-hour guide to all the little eco things you can do throughout the day. It’s all here, now  get out there, and start.


"When it comes to sustainability, start with the smallest thing you can do."
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