Those with oily or pimply skin will love this calming, deep-cleansing facial.

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"Those with oily or pimply skin will love this calming, deep-cleansing facial."

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When a pimple rears its ugly head, it can ruin your week: from the extra time spent applying makeup to resisting the temptation to pick at it constantly. For acne sufferers, these inconveniences are amplified. 

Help is at hand with the Clear Blue Facial ($235.40 for 60min), a gentle, deep-cleansing antibacterial treatment. 

It involves five steps that are intended to clarify and calm angry, spot-prone skin. There’s a pineapple enzyme scrub that dissolves dirt and debris; deep sonic cleansing to unclog pores; I-Clear blue light therapy with antibacterial and pore-minimising effects; an apple-based enzyme peel that uses fruit acids to clear out pores further; and a collagen mask to soothe skin. 

After, your complexion should look clearer, with reduced oil production and less frequent pimple outbreaks. 

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