A strong stroke of tradition may be just the thing to set you on your way to beauty, health and wellness.

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"A strong stroke of tradition may be just the thing to set you on your way to beauty, health and wellness."

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Kyung-rak is a traditional Korean deep-tissue massage that uses the principles of meridian points. Over the last 10 years, it has grown in popularity with both Koreans and Japanese, who turn to it to help them maintain their beauty, health and wellness. Korea Beauty Centre’s spa director, Si-ra Nam, explains: “Meridians are energy streams that control our every function. When these are blocked, our mental and physical health will be affected. Kyung-rak addresses energy imbalances and releases tension while enhancing circulation, detoxification and tonification.”  

The massage works for both face and body, and is said to have slimming, lifting and smoothing effects. Here, Korea Beauty Centre shares how its Full Body Treatment can help give you a radiant complexion and toned figure. 

No other treatment makes you feel more like a queen – two masseuses work on your body, one on the top half, the other on the bottom half. Together, they knead every inch of you in a two-hour session. 

The masseuses begin by spreading anti-cellulite massage oil all over your body with a warmed, handheld, plate-like device. The device feels soothing, and at the same time, emits radio-frequency waves said to help break down fat deep within the skin and prep the body for massage. 

The masseuses then use their hands, fists and elbows to soothe your aching muscles and stimulate the body’s circulatory system, aiding detoxification while relieving fatigue and stress. Customers have reported feeling “lighter” and refreshed, with smoother and firmer skin, after just one session.  

A note of caution: The strong strokes of traditional Korean massages can cause slight bruising, so let your masseuses know your preference early. Korea Beauty Centre recommends starting with weekly sessions for a month, followed by a treatment every two weeks. The regularity of sessions recommended varies with individuals.

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Receive a 10 per cent discount* on your first two-hour Kyung Rak Body Treatment experience (UP $300).
*For first-time customers only