The Brooch As A Work Of Art

Tiffany & Co.’s 2019 Blue Book Collection: Tiffany Jewel Box is a cross between fine art and jewellery.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

Ever since its first catalogue came out in 1845, Tiffany & Co.’s Blue Book Collection has always been about the brand’s commitment to showcasing exquisite gemstones and magnifying its craftsmanship. It’s no different this year.

Known as Tiffany Jewel Box, the collection comprises 11 brooches, some of which are housed in their own bespoke vessels. The brooch designs are derived from elements of nature, while the vessels are fashioned after everyday objects. 

Chief artistic officer Reed Krakoff shared that he “wanted to create a collection that speaks to connoisseurs of the unusual and unexpected, to people who are looking for something they’ve never seen or worn before”. 

From the looks of it – think a Dragonfly brooch with custom-cut diamond wings taking flight from a sterling silver envelope, or a diamond-encrusted Scarab grasping a blue spinel, snuggled in a sterling silver and 24K gold vermeil matchbox – Krakoff has definitely achieved his goal.

The concept of housing the jewellery this way takes the artistry to a whole new level. Straddling the two worlds of fine art and jewellery, the items are not just great conversation pieces when worn, but also resemble sculptures when displayed. – VW

Prices available upon request. View the 2019 Blue Book Collection at Tiffany & Co.’s boutiques (by appointment only).

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Reed Krakoff’s personal favourite is this diamond and sapphire Butterfly brooch perched on an 18K gold twig housed inside its vessel, a glass jar with a silver lid.  

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This year’s Blue Book Collection is the first in recent history to feature men’s jewellery, including a series of lapel pins and signet rings.