A leading trichology centre uses plant-based infusions to tackle female hair loss.

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A leading trichology centre uses plant-based infusions to tackle female hair loss.

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Hair loss manifests itself in different ways in men and women. In men, it usually expresses as bald patches and a receding hairline; in women, it typically shows up as a widening of the parting and overall thinning. Signs that you’re losing more hair than usual (we lose up to 100 strands per day)? A significantly less voluminous ponytail, chunks of hair clogging the shower drain and a pile of strands collecting in your hair brush.

While you may succeed in hiding a widened parting by switching up your hairstyle, or conceal the thinness of your mane with the help of volumising hair products, these methods won’t cut it in the long run as hair loss becomes more obvious. And since hair loss most definitely messes with a woman’s self-confidence, you should nip the problem in the bud before it gets worse.

Here to help is TK Trichokare, one of the leading trichology centres in Singapore. Backed by a team of certified trichologists and professional herbalists, it offers customised treatments designed to combat a host of scalp and hair issues.

All treatments start off with a detailed scalpand- hair analysis, followed by the use of products powered by a range of European herbs, such as rosemary, nettle and leopard’s bane, that have been used over the centuries to cleanse the scalp and deal with hair problems.

Apart from premium European botanical extracts, the products are fortified with minerals and vitamins that act to, among other things, regulate sebum production and improve microcirculation.

To complement the results of the treatments, take note of your diet and the sort of haircare products you use. Do not go on crash diets, as the reduced nutrient intake will adversely affect hair growth, and try to eat more foods rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for scalp and hair health. When it comes to haircare, pick products without harsh chemicals – such as parabens and sodium chloride – that can irritate the scalp, clog hair follicles, cause hair fall and more.

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Try Trichokare’s Hair Regain Treatment @ $40 (w/GST) (worth $139)*!

This 120-minute treatment cleanses and rebalances the scalp as well as improves the look and feel of your hair, thanks to European herbal hair remedies formulated to increase protein levels in hair and reportedly improve cell growth factor.

To enjoy the promotion, SMS to 8799-9901.

For more information, call TK Trichokare at 6338-8680 or visit its outlets at:
• #03-19 Velocity @ Novena Square
• #05-11 The Clementi Mall
• #02-24 Nex
• #02-12 Orchardgateway

*For first-time customers only. Valid until Sept 30, 2016. Other terms and conditions apply