The 22-year-old actress shares about the things that hold a special place in her heart.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

Every project I’ve wound up doing has helped me grow and, in turn, has changed me.

My dad’s Queen Nefertiti pendant He had it made in the ’70s. It’s my favourite piece of jewellery. It’s not mine technically, but maybe one day he’ll pass it on to me. All of my siblings have their eyes on it.

Collaborating with Tommy Hilfiger When I was first presented with the opportunity, I was told that Tommy Hilfiger himself wanted to talk to me about it. And, sure enough, he was on the phone, explaining how he wanted me to be as creative as I wanted. He told me how I would be able to truly have creative control from concept to clothing, down to the font on the packaging. I was in heaven when I showed up with my inspiration boards and a million ideas, and I was allowed to just go for it, with all the support in the world.

My stylist, Law Roach I really lean on him. I met him when I was 14, and it’s been just us ever since. He really understands my taste, partly because he helped me develop it. I’ve learned so much about fashion history from him. Because of the close relationship we have, I know he will always keep it real with me even if it’s hard. You need those kind of people.

My grandpa’s old work shirts They’re my most favourite clothes I’ve ever owned. I actually recreated them for the TommyxZendaya collection.

The shirt I have from the set of A Different World Kadeem Hardison, who’s like a big brother to me and who once played my TV dad, gave it to me as a gift for my birthday, and it’s so damn cool.

My grandmothers I call them the queens of my world. They are the epitome of strength and grace.

Reading screenplays If scripts count as books, I’d say that they’re the most influential books I’ve ever read because every project I’ve wound up doing has helped me grow and, in turn, has changed me.

Handmade gifts from my family I have a page from a colouring book that my little niece vibrantly coloured in and gave to me. It currently resides on my fridge.

Michael Jackson’s albums They are some of my favourite works of art. 

My Reading Room
My Reading Room
My Reading Room
My Reading Room

Zendaya stars in Tommy Hilfi ger’s spring 2019 campaign. Attending the Michael Kors fall/ winter 2018 show. Off the Wall by Michael Jackson. Birdtopia Coloring Book, Amazon. Zendaya and Law Roach