And The Winners Are... Most Eligible Bachelor

Ng Zi Xuan, 24.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel


In case you haven’t noticed, Zi Xuan is ridiculously good-looking. We’ve learnt throughout the course of this competition that he’s flirtatious and cheeky, and also self-deprecating at times. And it’s this trifecta of good looks, charm and wit that makes him the winner of CLEO Most Eligible Bachelors 2018.

We’ve spent many Sundays with him, watching him perfect his body rolls for the striptease performance. But we’ve also seen him make a fool of himself during the Bachelors Insiders date, for the sole purpose of breaking the ice and enlivening the mood. There’s a very endearing quality to him, despite the “cool guy” persona you get from his Instagram profile.

So here’s the million-dollar question: what does it take to score a date with the Most Eligible Bachelor of 2018?

“She has to want to work out,” he replies, without hesitation.

“It’s my lifestyle, and working out is a major part of my life so it’d be nice if we’re able to do it together,” he explains. He hits the gym five to six times a week, spending about two hours there each time. So, given his self-discipline, it’s no surprise that when it comes to his other half, he’s looking for someone who’s driven.

“There’s just something about someone with a purpose. They know what they’re doing and have their sh*t together, and that’s very attractive to me,” he explains. But don’t mistake Zi Xuan for someone who’s all work and no play; he maintains that he’s actually quite a chill guy, and says that his idea of a good holiday is just bumming out at the beach. And did we mention that he really loves rom-coms? So much so that he confessed to having watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall about 10 times already.

“Rom-coms just have a certain interpretation of romance you don’t get in the real world!” he says in their defence, albeit with a chuckle. “Everything is very exaggerated… Like someone will get on the plane, and the guy will have to chase her down at the airport and stuff, which never happens in real life, you know? So when it happens in rom-coms, it just warms my heart.”

Zi Xuan takes home $4,000 worth of prizes, which includes a Swatch timepiece, a HAACH Luminous Eye Treatment and Marine Miracle Facial, three sessions of Dr HAACH Dr Pro Laser, an Urban Decay hamper, and $1,000 worth of credits from Kimage.

Skin Noir Iron watch, $209, Swatch. Cuban printed shirt, $55.90, ZARA Men.

Slim tapered jeans, $119.90, Levi’s. Feather necklace, $17.90, Bershka.

Over heard from ZiXuan:
[From the CLEO Bachelors’ #IWokeUpLikeThis story on] “Why are they all naked? Must I be naked too? But I sleep with my shirt on. Alright, I’ll take one in my SpongeBob boxers, how’s that for a thirst trap?”
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One to Watch

Aaron Mossadeg, 26


When asked about his most embarrassing gig when he was a struggling actor, Aaron chuckles and maintains that he’s still a struggling actor. But he does share a memory that still makes him cringe.

“I was paid a decent amount of money for two to three hours of work… to be a statue of Sir Stamford Raffles. Not even the man himself, but a statue of him,” he laughs. The gig was at a swimming club, and he had to walk around in character, taking photos with families there. The kicker came when a guy came up to him and asked where he’s from, and he replied in character, “I’m from Britain.”

“His face was like, ‘dude, WTF?’ so in the end, I broke character and said ‘no lah, I’m from Singapore.’ The pay was great, but that day cost a bit of my soul,” says Aaron with a shake of his head.

Since then, the Eurasian actor (his dad is Turkish-Arab and his mum is EnglishDutch) has built up a steady repertoire of roles. His most memorable? Playing Bryan Cordeiro on Faculty, a drama series about university life.

“It was my first main cast role, and I played a gay character.” While it was never explicitly said that the character's gay, the audience got what was implied.

“I really wanted the role of Bryan,” says Aaron, who had auditioned for multiple roles on the show. “I didn’t like how gay characters in local entertainment were being portrayed. A lot of gay characters shown in local media are caricatures, so my approach was to make it more realistic and not be over-the-top.”

You'll see this CLEO Bachelor onscreen again very soon – he’s in Fam!, a comedy co-directed by Alaric Tay and starring industry veterans like Gurmit Singh, Suhaimi Yusof, Vernetta Lopez and Benjamin Kheng. It airs on National Day, so if you want to catch a glimpse of this hunk again, you know where to look!

Aaron takes home three Swatch timepieces worth up to $650.

Skin Brushed watch, $209, Swatch. Altered trucker jacket, $169, Levi’s. Hawaiian shirt, $44.95, H&M. Dog tag necklace, $17.90, Bershka. Beaded bracelets, $39.00, ALDO.

Over heard from Aaron:
“I saw my brother flipping off a photo of me at the Finals Party on Instagram stories.”
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Freshest Face

Kelvin Ho, 22


Ask Kelvin why he thinks he won this title and he’ll tell you he has no clue. But he’s a pretty deserving winner in our books – especially given that he only had three hours of sleep the night before but still made it to this photoshoot fresh-faced. Plus, he takes care of his skin: he’s been applying moisturiser and sunscreen on a consistent basis. Do you know any guys who do both?

Suffice to say, this finance student knows a thing or two about discipline. It’s something he cultivated when he was part of a Chinese orchestra during secondary school. “When I was a newbie, I was given tough pieces to play, and I felt that playing them would be impossible. But the process taught me that passion, along with a lot of effort, will help you accomplish your goals,” he says. “Of course, guidance is also important.”

This CLEO Bachelor also knows a thing or two about confidence, particularly because he worked really hard to be build up his own. During his JC days, he was told he was “the worst” in class when it came to speaking, so he made a conscious decision to join Toastmasters (a club that helps members with public speaking). Now, he calls himself a “pretty confident guy”. And it shows. “You know how sometimes, people say you’re wrong? But you’re not actually wrong. You’re just doing something out of the norm,” he says. “If I believe in something, I’ll go for it.”

And here’s another enviable thing about Kelvin: he knows just how to get out of embarrassing situations. His pro tip? “Just stay cool and ignore those laughing at you. Even better, laugh with them. If you do that, you come across as personable and easy-going, which can help you build a stronger connection with others.

Kelvin wins a HAACH Hydro Complex 10kDA Facial and Eye Detox worth $502.

Skin Blue Iron watch, $209, Swatch. Trucker jacket, $169.90, Levi’s. Hawaiian shirt, $45.90, Pull&Bear. Crew neck tee, $39.90 (for a two-pack), Levi’s. Slim chinos, $99.90, ZARA Men. Sneakers, $49.90, Bershka.

Over heard from Kelvin:
“I can read people quite well. If a friend likes a girl, I’ll be the first to notice!”
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Modern Man

Leonard Heng, 22


Does looking at Leonard make you thirsty AF? We’re with you. And if you think he's hot sitting down, wait until you see him move. This yoga and dance instructor has some serious moves, thanks in part to the eight classes a week he teaches. If there’s anything to learn about him, it’s that he’s really dedicated.

In fact, discipline and consistency are the names of this CLEO Bachelor’s game. He says he picked up these two traits through dancing (which he’s been doing since he was six) but there are also other things he learnt through it, like honesty and acceptance. “There are ideal body types and idols you look up to in the industry. But if you’re too focused on those things and not on yourself and what you have to work with, you’re just shortchanging yourself,” he muses.

Talk to Leonard and you’ll fi nd him an eloquent and self-assured guy, but he’ll tell you he wasn’t always this way. “I had low self-esteem as a kid. My juniors were way taller than me and the small stuff always bothered me,” he lets on. By the way, he sure caught up – he now stands at 1.8m.

And much as he’s a modern man, he can be pretty traditional when it comes to family. “I really, really love my family. I always look back on what they’ve done for me. I’m so blessed that they gave me the opportunity to do things that were so risky,” he says.

“I was very much into dance and personal training and I didn’t get a diploma until I was 20. I was doing all the crazy stuff but they’ve never left my side. Everything I do is for them. Even joining this competition and getting in better shape – it’s all so I can provide for them better.”

Leonard wins a Dr HAACH Dr Oxygeneo Facial worth $581.

Skin Pole watch, $230, Swatch. Linen jacket, $119, ZARA Men. Floral-print shirt, $45.90, Pull&Bear. Slim tapered jeans, $139.90, Levi’s. Feather necklace, $17.90, Bershka. Sneakers, $129, and beaded bracelet, $39.00, both from ALDO.

Over heard from Leonard:

“Guys and girls, thanks for reaching out to me to tell me that my dad is hot. Now, please calm down.”

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