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Ready, Steady, Shop!
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Keep Your V Clean

Every girl knows that feeling sticky and uncomfortable down below is not a good sensation at all. Use Sebamed Feminine Intimate wash to get rid of all external irritations around your lady parts. Formulated with chamomile essence to fight bacteria, this soap- and alkali-free solution cleans and restores your skin’s pH value back to a healthy 3.8. You know what this means? You’ll feel fresh and clean even while you’re on your period.

Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash retails for $17.45 at

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A Light Touch

The sticky feeling of sunscreen on your skin may deter you from using it every day, but any dermatologist will tell you it’s a big no-no to avoid sun protection. So go for an ultra-lightweight sunscreen like Bioré UV Perfect Spray SPF 50+ PA++++. It leaves your skin feeling so soft and smooth that you may not even remember applying anything in the first place! It’s also waterproof and perspiration-proof, so you can be sure you’re protected even when you’re swimming under the sun.

Bioré UV Perfect Spray SPF 50+ PA++++ retails for $9.90 at all pharmacies, hypermarkets, supermarkets, department stores and selected minimarts.

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Bottle It Up

If carrying bulky water bottles around is a chore for you, Bübi Bottle is here to help. This light and collapsible water bottle can easily fit into even the smallest of handbags, and comes in a wide range of colours to complement your OOTD. This BPA-free silicone bottle is safe for microwave and freezer use too, so it can double as a hot or cold compress after an intense workout. Heading to the gym? Switch to the Bübi Sports Cap. It acts like a straw but better, since you can control the flow of the water with your bite.

Bübi bottle retails for $31.90 (14oz) and $39.90 (22oz) at selected stores. For more information, visit or call 6737 6376. 

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My Fair Lady

Sun damage is one of the main causes of premature ageing. Shield your skin with this lightweight sunscreen that offers protection from two types of UVA rays. This multifunctional beauty essence also doubles as a brightening makeup base, helping to keep your makeup flawless throughout the day. What’s more, it contains vitamins C and E to nourish and treat your skin.

ASTALIFT White Perfect UV Clear Solution retails for $72 at #03-30 Wisma Atria, #01-20 Jem and BHG Bishan (Level 1).

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Refresh Your Tresses

There are plenty of #hairhacks out there, but a good dry shampoo is no doubt one of the best beauty tricks for girls on the go. COLAB™ SHEER & INVISIBLE dry shampoos are made with a unique formula that absorbs oil from your strands and refreshes your roots so your hair feels clean for longer. It also comes in a variety of fragrances, so your hair not only looks good, but smells good too.

COLAB™ SHEER & INVISIBLE dry shampoos retail for $6.90 (50ml) and $13.90 (200ml) at selected Watsons stores. 

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Quench Your Skin’s Thirst
If your skincare routine doesn’t seem to be working as well as it used to, try adding Murad HydroDynamic Quenching Essence to give it a boost. Used before moisturising, this beauty elixir optimises your skin’s moisture capacity. It contains Mexican blue agave leaf extract to restore your skin’s ability to retain water and also a skin-loving botanical blend of watermelon, apple and lentil to help reduce dryness, flakiness and rough patches. ® Murad Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence to give it a boost. Used before moisturising, this beauty elixir optimises your skin’s moisture capacity. It contains Mexican blue agave leaf extract to restore your skin’s ability to retain water and also a skin-loving botanical blend of watermelon, apple and lentil to help reduce dryness, flakiness and rough patches.
Quenching Essence retails for $152 at Robinsons Raffles City and all Sephora stores. 
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Revitalised Strands
Specially developed for curly or frizzy hair, Revita Styling Gel offers longlasting hold without weighing your hair down. This volumising gel also leaves your mane looking glossy and full, just like those shampoo commercials you see on TV. What’s more, it’s free of alcohol, parabens and sodium chloride, which means you can use it without worrying about exposing your scalp to irritants.

Revita Styling Gel retails for $25.80 at selected Watsons stores and
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An Important Matte-r

With Singapore’s humid weather, it’s important to find a moisturiser that keeps your skin hydrated without looking oily. Perfect for combination and oily skin types, Uriage HYSÉAC Mat’ is an oil-free emulsion that deeply moisturises while leaving a matte finish as well. Formulated with licorice extract that contributes to your face’s natural sebum regulation, it will give you a soft and smooth complexion.

Uriage HYSÉAC Mat’ retails for $35.90 at Watsons, Guardian, BHG, Metro, Robinsons, John Little, OG, 21st Century Beauty Spa and

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Black Beauty

Who says sheet masks have to be white? The Black Charcoal Mask series by Timeless Truth features unique absorption properties to effectively draw out dirt and oil from your skin. This means they help to eliminate acne, bumps and blackheads, while retaining your skin’s natural moisture at the same time. The best part? Each mask in the series is tailored to treat different skin types, so you’ll definitely be able to find the perfect one for you.

Timeless Truth Black Charcoal Masks retail for $4.50 each and $32.80 for a box of eight at selected Guardian outlets and

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For Your Beau Only

Even though men have higher collagen levels than women, their skin shows the signs of ageing earlier than us. Rejuvenate your man’s skin with LANEIGE Homme Dual Action Power Fitting Cream. This lightweight formula contains skin-loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid to nourish his skin without leaving a sticky residue. It also comes with a fresh citrus scent that’ll make him happy to slather it on every morning and night.

LANEIGE Homme Dual Action Power Fitting Cream retails for $57 at all LANEIGE boutiques.

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That’s Peachy

If durians and mangosteens are kings and queens, then peaches should definitely be crowned the pretty princesses in the kingdom of fruits. Made from pure Japanese peach puree from the Yamanashi Prefecture in Japan, this sweet and refreshing juice drink is sure to lift your spirits any time of the day. It’s packed with vitamins A, C and E, which means you’ll be getting loads of antioxidants and nutrients with every sip too.

Marigold Peel Fresh Select Momo Juice Drink retails for $3.25 at all hypermarkets, supermarkets, selected convenience stores, petrol marts, minimarts and provision stores.

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Konnichiwa, Beauty!

While makeup is great, achieving a naturally radiant complexion should still be your number one goal. Made in Japan, New Moon Inner Radiance Powder is a premium collagen powder that brightens your skin to give you a luminous complexion. For a quicker fix, go for the ready-to-drink Inner Radiance Collagen Drink, which delivers active whitening properties to your skin. To sweeten the deal, from now till May 31, purchase any New Moon Collagen product for a chance to win a pair of return tickets to Japan via Singapore Airlines. Terms and conditions apply – check in-store for more information.

New Moon Inner Radiance Powder and Inner Radiance Collagen Drink retails for $49.90 and $69, respectively, at leading supermarkets, pharmacies and department stores.