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Shine Free 光彩动人 Control facial oil without losing luminescence. 助您控制面部油脂,散发耀目魅力.

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Shine Free 光彩动人.

Control facial oil without losing luminescence. 助您控制面部油脂,散发耀目魅力.

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1. Designed to unclog pores, Biologique Recherche’s Lotion P50 PIGM 400 facilitates natural exfoliation and the reconstruction of the epidermal shield, which enhances the skin’s potential to self-regenerate and protect. Its melange of active ingredients also combats pigmentation and regulates melanin synthesis to reveal luminous and radiant skin.

Biologique Recherche的P50 PIGM 400乳液能有效 收细毛孔,天然去角质和重建肌肤表层屏障,从而增 强皮肤自我再生和保护能力。其活性成分还可以改善 肤色不均,抵抗黑色素形成,让皮肤透现亮丽光泽。

2. Just a few drops of Babor’s Reversive Anti- Ageing Serum boost luminosity, firm and promote elasticity. Packed with Lumicol, plant stem cells and active marine ingredient Telovitin, it instantly evens out lines and wrinkles in a short time and leaves your face smelling of roses. Its delicate, light texture is ideal for oily skin.

只需几滴芭柏儿时光倒流抗衰老精华,就能提升肌肤 亮度,紧致度和弹性。含有Lumicol,植物干细胞和 活性海洋成分Telovitin,可瞬间抚平细纹和皱纹,并 在脸上留下阵阵玫瑰芳香。其质地细滑轻盈,适合油 性皮肤使用。

3. Thalgo’s Hydra Marine 24H Cream gets deep into the epidermis with a moisturiser that refreshes and prevents water loss, enhancing radiance and transparency. The luxuriously rich texture ensures a velvety feel and leaves the skin with a delightful fragrance of tea and white flowers. Apply the cream with stimulating tapping movements for optimal results.

岱蔻儿海洋之源光彩水润面霜为肌肤注入水分,提供 24小时的水润亮泽,防止水分流失,让肌肤绽放耀人 光彩。质地绵润,触感柔滑细腻,带给肌肤丝绒般的 滋润感受,并留下令人心旷神怡的清新茶香和白花香 气。用手轻拍的方法将面霜均匀涂满全脸,以获得最 佳效果。

4. Lather away impurities with Pevonia’s Phyto-Gel Cleanser for deep cleansing. Comprising saponaria, rosemary, lemon sage, burdock and pine, the nondrying and non-alkaline formula targets surface toxins for all skin types. Use morning and evening for best results.

蓓丽雅植物凝胶洁面乳能有效清除污垢,为肌肤进 行深层洁净。含有皂草,迷迭香,柠檬鼠尾草,牛 蒡和松木成分,非干燥和非碱性配方可有效去除肌 肤的表面毒素,适合任何皮肤类型使用。建议早晚 使用,以获得最佳效果。