Ode to Oats

A glass of this nutritious and great-tasting MAGNOLIA Oats Plus Lo-Fat Hi-Cal Milk gives you the daily health boost you need.

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A glass of this nutritious and great-tasting MAGNOLIA Oats Plus Lo-Fat Hi-Cal Milk gives you the daily health boost you need.

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Developing bad or unhealthy eating habits is a woe many of us face in our modern lives. Cooking is out of the question most of the time as busy days take us beyond regular work hours, and we all know that eating out may not be that healthy when you can’t control the ingredients used. So what should a healthseeking woman do…?

Harness the goodness of oats.

Why not try supplementing your diet with nutrients that you can easily consume? With the new enhanced series of milk drinks from MAGNOLIA, you can now get your usual milk nutrients, plus more! In addition to calcium, vitamin D3 and protein, the MAGNOLIA Oats Plus Lo-Fat Hi-Cal Milk contains oats to boost your well-being.

Thanks to the addition of oats in this delicious milk drink, you can now harness its myriad of benefits. Studies have shown that consuming oats may help lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and also reduce the risk of heart disease. Research done by the American Diabetes Association and German researchers has also shown that a diet rich in oats can help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes*. Being a rich source of fibre, nutrients and minerals, lactation consultants have also identified oats as a healthy, safe and natural way to assist in increasing milk supply for breastfeeding mums**.

Drink up guilt-free.

The hearty goodness of oats combined with calcium-rich milk makes MAGNOLIA Oats Plus Lo-Fat Hi-Cal Milk a winning combo which benefits anyone, whether you are looking at a new diet plan, wanting to inculcate more balanced eating, or need a boost to your diet. Best of all, it has 63 per cent less fat, 67 per cent more calcium and 25 per cent lower in saturated fat compared to regular milk. At $3.50 per 1-litre pack, available at most supermarkets. Visit

Ways To Keep Fresh

You want the best for your family, so ensure that your milk is fresh with these three key tips:

PRESERVE By refrigerating milk immediately upon reaching home, you preserve the cold chain from supermarket to home.

STORE Have your milk stored at the back of the refrigerator as this helps reduce its risk of exposure to bacteria.

CONSUME Always check the expiry date of your milk before consuming. An opened carton of milk should also be consumed within three days of opening (based on the recommendation of the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore), as this reduces the risk of exposure to bacteria.

TIP: Purchase smaller 1-litre cartons, instead of 2-litre bottles, so you get fresher milk each time.

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